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3 Essential Skills You’ll Learn in Hospitality Training


Do you consider yourself to be compassionate, charismatic and outgoing by nature? Can you picture yourself connecting with people from all over the world? Do you strive to ensure the...

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3 Signs You’re Suited for a Business Career in BC


Are you ready to kick-start your own business career, or to upgrade your business skills and land a better job? Better pay, a secure future, and a sense of fulfillment...

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Infographic: Expert Tips to Land Your First Job after Career College


So you’ve completed the first, most important step toward advancing your career or starting down a brand new professional path. You’ve gone back to school and earned a college diploma....

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What ‘Age Adjustment’ Policy Means for Those Pursuing a Healthcare Diploma in BC


Canadians are living longer, stronger lives thanks to the hard work of professionals in the healthcare industry. If you’re interested in joining the ranks of the caring professionals who make...

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2 Characteristics of a Good Web Design College in BC


According to Work BC, 2040 jobs in web design are expected to open up in British Columbia between the years of 2014 and 2024. About 48 per cent of those...

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How to Become a Health Unit Coordinator with Your Medical Office Assistant Diploma


Are you ready to begin a secure, rewarding career of your own but unsure which field of employment is right for you? There is no better time to invest in...

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Top Reasons to Start Your Accounting Training in Victoria


What do you want your career to look like? Take a moment, close your eyes, and picture what your ideal workday would be. Are you a professional working in an...

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3 Resources to Help You Launch Your Business Career in Victoria


Are you planning to start your own business, and working out where to begin? There’s a reason why one of Victoria’s city slogans is “a natural place to do business.”...

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How Payroll Administration Training in Victoria Helps You Take Control of Your Future


Do you feel stuck at a job you don’t enjoy? Trapped in a position with no room for growth? If so, you’re not alone. For many employees, it can be...

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Graduating From a Healthcare College in BC? Top 3 Potential Career Paths


Do you want to help people lead healthier lives while truly making a difference in your community? If so, then a career in healthcare might be perfect for you. If...

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Canada’s Pension Plan: 3 Things Adult Learners Pursuing Accounting Careers Should Know


The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is a critically important aspect of Canadian accounting. While it’s not the only means by which Canadian retirees can support themselves, it is a mandatory...

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Civil Litigation: 3 Facts for Adult Learners Taking Legal Training in Victoria


Whether you’re interested in becoming a legal administrative assistant, law clerk, paralegal, immigration consultant, or even police officer, you can boost your employability with a foundational understanding of Canadian law....

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