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Surprisingly Effective Tips for Better Learning


Learning a new skill is never easy, and internalizing it to heart is even harder. However, it is by no means impossible. There are many well-known learning techniques students around...

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The Ins and Outs of Student Loans: Types, Eligibility, and Repayment Options


Your Ultimate Guide to Student Loans in Canada Are you a student attending college in Canada and in need of financial assistance? Look no further than a student loan program!...

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Understanding Canada Student Loan Repayment Assistance


Climbing Out of Student Loan Debt - Your Key to Financial Freedom Are you ready to embark on your educational journey and pursue your dreams? The excitement of learning and...

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The Best Cyber Security Courses in Canada


The Best Cyber Security Courses in Canada Considering a cyber security program in Canada but feeling unsure where to begin? Then, you have come to the right place. You can...

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How to Become a Web Developer in Canada (Without a Degree)


More and more people in Canada are retraining with the hopes of finding a well-paying, flexible job. Website development ticks all the boxes. Individuals in this field are accustomed to...

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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Gantt Chart in Excel


Are you looking for a tool to schedule your tasks, track their progress, and visualise your project’s progress? If so, a Gantt chart is the perfect tool for project management...

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How to Subtract in Excel – Cells, Date/Time, Columns, and Percentages


The most basic and often used function is the subtract function. Numbers are everywhere, from calculating salary, budget allocation, inventory management, and sales forecast. The standard arithmetic operations applied to...

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How to Make a Graph in Excel: A Beginner’s Guide


Pictures speak louder than words. Visual elements convey a lot of information quickly and effectively. In 2025, the total amount of data is predicted to grow to 180 zettabytes. It...

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Learn the Fundamentals of Power Query in Excel


The digital world has generated huge amounts of data in every industry. Data handling is intricate as it contains and conveys information that helps build intelligent systems or frameworks. Planning,...

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How to Find and Remove Duplicates in Excel – A Beginner’s Guide


Almost every organization and business uses Excel spreadsheets to store their data about employees, clients, and projects. Excel offers versatile tools and features for data storage, manipulation, and analysis. You’ll...

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How to Freeze Panes in Excel and Other Options to Improve Readability


An Excel spreadsheet has data that extends to many rows and columns. When you scroll down or move sideways, the row header and the first column are hidden, sometimes making...

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How to Calculate Percentage in Excel – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide


Whether you're a business owner or student, Excel calculate percentage is an essential skill. Learn how to calculate percentage increase or decrease in values. Profit and loss, interest rates, statistics,...

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