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Why are community support and education important?

Community support and education are vital job fields. Their main purpose is to help those most in need.

Community support, or community service, workers help those at risk gain access to the right social or community services. Educational assistants play a key part in giving children a bright future.

Both fields aim to create a stronger community. This is a great career path if you enjoy helping others and wish to make a difference in your community. AOLCC’s education and community support worker courses can fully prepare you for a career in these vital fields.

What will I learn in community support and education programs?

In community support worker courses, you will learn the skills to assist clients in your field. The community support worker training will cover psychology, sociology, and mental health. CSW will also learn office and communication skills to benefit their career. You will complete your training with on-site work experience at a CSW facility.

Students in the educational assistant courses will learn the key skills needed for success. Courses will cover all aspects of childcare and education. This includes the learning process, teaching, supervising, and more. They will also gain real experience with a practicum placement. The courses will prepare you to assist elementary and secondary school teachers and counsellors.

What to expect from a career in community support and education?

A community support worker works with at-risk individuals in a range of situations. This could include those with physical or mental health or substance abuse problems. It could also include vulnerable seniors or children. You will encourage, support, and connect them to the right resources. Your work will help to improve their quality of life.

Careers After Completing a Community Support and Education Diploma

As an educational assistant, you can start a career in a few different places. You can work in public and private elementary and secondary schools. You could also work in special schools and treatment centers.

Community service workers can find jobs in many places as well. You could work with social services and government agencies. Or, you could help vulnerable patients in nursing facilities and residential care facilities. Further, you could assist those in group homes, substance abuse centers, and more.

Expected Salary Range for Careers in Community Support and Education

Salaries for community and education workers vary. They will depend on your experience and the company you work for. Graduates from the community support worker programs can expect a salary of about $31,000-$50,000. Graduates from the educational assistant programs can expect to earn between $31,000-$55,000.

Why choose community support worker courses and education courses with AOLCC?

AOLCC provides honest, creative, and flexible training programs in Canada. Our comprehensive education and community support training will prepare you for a rewarding career.

The education and community support worker courses cover all the key skills you need in a career. Also, program study includes placement in your field to give hands-on experience. With our training, you will be confident and prepared for the job.

We have training programs across the country! Join Canada’s largest career college network.

AOLCC courses offer flexibility in your schedule, combined with a supportive campus learning environment. Thus, they stand above ordinary online community support worker courses.

We truly want you to succeed. Students have access to a learning coach to answer any questions or get help with training.

Our programs also cover job hunting and resume-building skills. Rest assured, you will graduate prepared and ready to find a job!

How can you get started?

You can begin the journey to a rewarding career in community support and education. Contact an admission advisor to see if our education and community support worker programs are right for you!

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