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Experience Outstanding Education with AOLCC’s Surrey Campus

  • At Academy of Learning Career College’s campus in Surrey, British Colombia, our dedicated team delivers unparalleled assistance to every student. Recognizing the individuality of each student’s learning needs and aspirations, our mission revolves around cultivating a nurturing space that develops personal growth and accomplishment. The far-reaching influence we hold on our students’ lives and the community is a source of immense pride.
  • Our cornerstone is our dedication to educational excellence, backed by unwavering support. This distinctive approach firmly establishes us as a pioneering institution in Surrey, setting a benchmark for others to follow.
  • For more than 30 years, Academy of Learning College has been here to help people like you with their education. Enrol and be one of our many successful graduates today!
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Experience our Exceptional Support in Surrey

Academy of Learning delivers career-focused training and education, emphasizing personalized learning, seasoned learning coaches, small class setups, and a nurturing atmosphere. The institution offers career services and leverages cutting-edge technology for instruction. AOLCC also offers continuous support and hands-on training tailored to real-world skills.

AOLCC Surrey offers a wide array of programs catering to different interests and industries. Here are just a few options:

  • IT Training Programs
  • Business and Administration Courses
  • Healthcare Programs
  • Hospitality and Tourism Courses
  • Language Courses
  • Design and Multimedia Training
  • Accounting and Finance Programs
  • Professional Development Courses

Discover your capabilities through this wide array of diploma and certificate programs available at AOLCC. Contact us now to set up a visit to the campus or to start a discussion about your educational path!

How to find us

AOLCC Surrey is situated at 102-13753 72 Nd Avenue Surrey, V3W 2P2. The campus is easily accessible and located in a vibrant community. For inquiries and admissions, you can reach AOLCC Surrey at 604-598-3555 or email us at [email protected]. Our dedicated staff is available during regular business hours (Monday to Friday at 8.00am – 5.00pm) to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Meet The Staff

Sylvester Chen - President
Sylvester Chen
  • President

Sylvester Chen brings a wealth of experience to his role as President of the esteemed Academy of Learning Career College in Surrey. Prior to his current position, Sylvester held key leadership roles at renowned institutions like the University of Northern British Columbia and Brock University, solidifying his expertise in senior administrative functions.

Sylvester’s academic journey is marked by a diverse array of achievements. He has garnered bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Linguistics, Political Science, and Business Administration. Furthermore, his pursuit of excellence led him to attain a master’s degree in Educational Administration and Leadership, underscoring his commitment to advancing education.

As a distinguished figure in both public and private post-secondary education sectors, Sylvester Chen epitomizes accomplished leadership. His keen insights and multifaceted skills contribute significantly to the growth and success of Academy of Learning Career College, Surrey.

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Ferbin Wilfred - Associate Director
Ferbin Wilfred
  • Associate Director

Ferbin Wilfred is the Associate Director of the Academy of Learning, responsible for the College’s overall operations. She joined the college in January 2023 and is passionate about supporting our students to achieve their career goals. Ferbin is committed to planning, marketing, and delivering the College’s academic programs and its overall management.

Ferbin is a passionate and dynamic leader who has been working in education for over a decade. She holds a Master’s Degrees in Education from Thompson River University, Canada and Bachelor of Education in English Language and Literature. Her educational philosophies are founded on the unwavering conviction that all students can learn given a supportive learning environment, strong and knowledgeable leadership, a dedicated and focused teaching team, a supportive community, and a loving family.

Jasleen Sachdeva - Admissions Representative
Jasleen Sachdeva
  • Admissions Representative

Jasleen came to Canada in 2019 with her family, and joined the AOLCC Surrey team in February 2020. She believes that learning is a lifelong process — there is no age limit when it comes to learning and acquiring new skills. Jasleen likes to educate, encourage and support prospective students throughout the application and admission process.

Jasleen has Bachelor’s in Education and Master’s in Physics from India. She has 4 years of experience teaching Physics to graduate and undergraduate students in India. Outside of work, she likes to travel, read books and spend time with her family.

Aradhna Wylie - Senior Learning Coach
Aradhna Wylie
  • Senior Learning Coach

Aradhna became a Learning Coach at AOLCC in 2021, and has immense passion for delivering personalized student support that truly exemplifies her exceptional mentoring skills. Beyond this, she also contributes significantly to the organization’s administrative responsibilities.

Aradhna holds Master’s Degree in English Literature, Bachelor’s Degrees in Education, Commerce and Social Work from India. She possesses five years of experience in teaching.

In her free time, Aradhna likes listening to music, reading books and spending time with her family.

Manpreet Manpreet - Learning Coach
Manpreet Manpreet
  • Learning Coach

As a Learning Coach, Manpreet believes in creating a supportive and empowering educational environment where students feel motivated, supported, and equipped to reach their full potential. She has been with AOLCC Surrey team as a Learning Coach in April 2023.

Manpreet completed Master of Education degree from Thompson Rivers University and Successfully obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. With teaching experience over a span of seven years, she has engaged in instructing and collaborating with students.

During her leisure hours, Manpreet enjoys nature walks, cherishes valuable moments with family and friends, and has passion for traveling.

Sakshi Sakshi - Learning Coach
Sakshi Sakshi
  • Learning Coach

As a passionate teacher she believes in John Dewey’ s quote “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” and love being an educationist and enjoying teaching, tutoring, and designing instructional material for learners of different age groups.

Sakshi joined the Academy of Learning Career College-Surrey in February 2023. Gaining Master’s degree in Educational Technology & Learning Design from Simon Fraser University Canada paved a way to her to possess great leadership quality in education. She has completed Bachelor & Master degree in Physics from India.

In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, and reading autobiographies.

Peter Vu - IT Instructor
Peter Vu
  • IT Instructor

Peter has been with the Academy of Learning Career College, Surrey since 2007. As an IT instructor, he provides dedicated support to students enrolled in our information technology certificate and diploma programs. Peter graduated from AOLCC in 2007 and attended the University of Windsor and majored in Electrical Engineering.

Features and Benefits

  • State of the Art Learning System

    Tailored Guidance

    Our seasoned educators and advisors extend personalized guidance, aiding students in selecting the ideal program and devising a tailored learning trajectory.

  • Personalized guidance and assistance

    Intimate Class Settings

    By maintaining intimate class sizes, we ensure each student receives undivided attention and ample chances to engage with instructors.

  • Graduate Faster

    Career Empowerment

    AOLCC Surrey offers comprehensive career services encompassing resume crafting, interview readiness, and job placement assistance, propelling students toward their professional beginnings.

  • Student Focused Training

    Continual Backing

    Beyond graduation, our support endures. We extend continuous aid and resources to our alumni, fostering connections and perpetuating their vocational evolution.

  • Learn at own peace

    Adaptive Learning Solutions

    Recognizing the demands of contemporary lifestyles, we present versatile learning avenues. From part-time to online courses, we accommodate diverse schedules, enriching the learning journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions (3)

How do I apply for Canadian career college?

It is a simple process with Academy of Learning Career College:

Navigate to the "apply to" study section on the Academy of Learning Career College website.
Complete your information.
Select the program and campus that suits you best.
Click on "Request Info," and one of our representatives will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

How can I afford to go to a Canadian career college?

At the Academy of Learning Career College, finding ways to fund your education is a priority. Their experienced admissions representatives are there to help you navigate a range of funding options, including payment plans, loans, provincial student assistance, and sponsorships. They'll collaborate with you to identify the most suitable choice, tailoring a personalized plan to alleviate the stress of your learning journey.

Individualized payment plans are offered to cater to your preferences. You can pay through post-dated or certified cheques, Visa, or cash. Beyond traditional bank loans, students can explore diverse financing avenues from various financial institutions or provincial student assistance programs, provided they meet the necessary requirements.

Eligible students can also access sponsorship opportunities through their employers or external organizations. Prospective sponsored students need to connect with the relevant agency for approval, each agency having its unique application procedures.

The Academy of Learning Career College's Admissions representatives have the additional insights to help you chart a practical course for your education funding. This proactive approach ensures a smoother educational journey and reduces the likelihood of encountering difficulties such as defaulting on student loans.

How long do career college programs take to complete?

Program lengths at Canadian career colleges can differ based on the curriculum’s focus and educational level it provides. These durations can span from several months to two years or more, depending on the program and area of study.

General (3)

I am older than the typical student. Will I fit in?

Yes! In fact, we address these students as 'Adult Learners’, and they are a large percentage of our student body. AOLCC focuses on creating a secure environment where your learning experience can be done with comfort.

Can I work and go to school at the same time?

Absolutely! All of AOLCC's programs have been carefully designed to accommodate your busy schedule. Our approach is flexible, allowing you to effectively manage both your work and personal commitments without compromise.

Can I attend a career college if I haven't obtained my High School Diploma or GED?

Yes, you can. Individuals considering enrollment at the Academy of Learning who haven't completed Grade 12 (or its equivalent) will be required to take an entrance exam under the Mature Student status, with the final decision resting with the College Director.

Fun Facts

Surrey's “Innovation Boulevard” is a dynamic hub of health and technology innovation. It's a collaboration between health, business, and academic organizations to develop cutting-edge medical technologies and solutions.

Surrey is often referred to as the "City of Parks" due to its abundance of green spaces. It boasts over 200 parks, nature reserves, and trails, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Surrey is home to the historic and picturesque Surrey Civic Treasure, a landmark clock tower built in 1966. It stands as a symbol of the city's growth and development.

The city is home to a resident peacock population in the Sullivan Heights neighborhood. These majestic birds often roam freely, delighting residents and visitors with their vibrant plumage.

Bear Creek Park is home to a charming miniature train that operates during the holiday season. The train ride takes passengers through beautifully decorated woods, creating a magical experience for families.