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Begin an exciting and rewarding career in IT with an AOLCC Information Technology training program in Alberta.

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What is I.T.?

Information Technology (widely known as “IT”) is the use of technology to manage and process information, typically at a large company or organization. IT professionals may be tasked with testing, building, installing, repairing, and/or maintaining the hardware and software associated with complex computer systems in one or more locations for a business.

Explore our Information Technology programs in Alberta

Help Desk Support Analyst

This program provides students with the necessary skill and knowledge to support users of computer systems and software applications. It provides in-depth knowledge on evaluating, configuring, and troubleshooting communications hardware, software, and operating systems.

Network Administrator

This program provides students with the necessary skill and knowledge to plan, install, and provide routine control over and manage exceptional situations in relation to quality communications network services in an information system.

PC Support Specialist

This program prepares students to deal with the problems they may encounter when supporting Personal Computers in an office environment. It provides in-depth knowledge of both computer hardware and software and prepares students to take the A+ certification exam. Students will have practical hands-on experience in trouble shooting computer problems and assembling a computer.

What will I learn in an IT training course with AOLCC?

At AOLCC, we prepare our graduates with the knowledge and proficiency to meet the needs of modern-day employers. Our instructors will teach you how to deliver quality tech support, troubleshoot user issues, create tech reports, and the best practices for communicating with clients and business stakeholders.

We use the same software and hardware as top tech organizations to ensure our students have practical, hands-on experience.

You’ll graduate prepared for industry certification, including Comp TIA A+ certification and Microsoft Windows certifications. Students will also be equipped to further their qualifications, such as becoming a Microsoft Certified Engineer.

What to expect from a career in Canada’s IT industry

Information Technology is a thriving field in Alberta and across Canada, offering numerous benefits to dedicated specialists. Canada’s tech sector is projected to experience continued expansion, creating a growing demand for IT roles that often offer higher than average salaries.

On the job, careers in IT can be dynamic and fulfilling as you work on solving new problems and ensure your company’s systems are running securely and efficiently.

As demand is high for trained IT employees, you’ll be able to find full-time work either in-office or remotely. Some IT graduates may even decide to become self-employed.

Careers after completing our IT training programs in Alberta

There are a variety of positions that you’ll be able to move into after completing our IT programs, such as:

  • Customer Service Help Desk
  • User Support Technician
  • Computer Help Desk Representative
  • Software Technical Support Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Operator
  • Local Area Network Administrator

Salary range for careers in IT

Pay for information technology positions vary depending on the company, industry, and job location. Graduates of our IT programs can expect to earn between $43,000 to $90,000.1

Why choose an information technology training course with AOLCC?

AOLCC is an excellent choice for those looking for a career change or expanding their tech skills. Our world-class integrated learning system (ILS) focuses on each student’s learning needs with the curriculum that lets you learn at your own pace and set your own schedule.

Our students receive one-on-one, personalized support from an on-campus learning coach so that they will be supported in every step of their career journey.

From the west coast to Ontario, we have a campus near you! 50 locations across the country make us Canada’s largest college network.

Once you graduate, our job placement assistance can help you find the right opportunities in your chosen career. We work with you to develop job-hunting skills and learn the best resume-building techniques to help you get hired.

How can you get started?

Studying at AOLCC can set you on the right path to a successful and exciting career in information technology. Contact an admissions advisor for a free consultation to find out if our IT training programs are right for you.;;

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