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Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for your first job, or an experienced worker who’s searching for new career opportunities, I’m sure you’ve all wondered about the same things. “What are the most high-paying in-demand jobs in Canada right now?”
No matter which stage we’re at in our career development, we’re all continuously looking for new profitable opportunities. Now, let’s take a look at the top 12 high-paying in-demand jobs in Canada this year!

Trade Workers

Average salary range: $30,000 to $100,000
Trade workers are currently in demand as many manufacturers in Canada are experiencing labor shortages. Trade professionals refer to workers who specialize in a particular occupation that requires hands-on work experience and training, such as electrician, mechanic, plumber, welder, or home inspector. With the Canadian aging population, a large number of trade workers are nearing retirement and more opportunities are becoming available to younger individuals.

Office Managers and Administrative Assistants

 Average salary range$35,000 to $68,000
Office managers and administrative professionals will always be in demand as companies rely on them for the smooth operations of the organization. Where there are offices, there is a demand for office managers and administrative assistants with a good ability to organize, communicate, and multitask.

Tourism and Hospitality Professionals

Average salary range: $48,000 to $94,000
Tourism and hospitality professionals take up many roles, from the head chef, restaurant server, to commissioning tour guide or hotel manager. They provide a variety of services to the public in the area of tourism and hospitality. With Canada’s current tourism boom, many entry to mid-level jobs are becoming plentiful.

Legal Professionals

Average salary range: $49,000 to $126,000
Legal Professions have dipped in numbers over the past few years due to a decreasing interest, but the demand for legal offile procedure professionals in Canada is rapidly increasing this year. Criminal defense, corporate lawyers, as well as immigration consultant are the most popular options in Canada.

Financial analysts

Average salary range: $43,000 to $75,000
Financial analysts should see opportunities grow in multiple Canadian cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal. Big cities have strong business sectors and a demand for talented individuals who can interpret trends in the business world.

Accounting Professionals

Average salary range: $42,000 to $102,000
Accounting is a leading profession in terms of those that are in-demand in Canada. Accounting clerks, payroll coordinators, and accountants are needed in every company and every industry. With the recovery of the oil and gas industry in Canada, more and more opportunities are becoming available to accounting professionals.

Logistics Workers and Managers

Average salary range: $42,000 to $89,000
Due to the rise of e-commerce, logistics professions are in high demand in Canada right now. Logistics workers are individuals who organize the storage, transportation, and delivery of goods across the country, which includes warehouse workers, forklift operators, order clerks, materials handlers and logistics managers. Most opportunities for these roles are concentrated in Central and Western Canada.

Educational Workers

Average salary range: $41,000 to $91,000
The education sector keeps on growing in Canada while offering many opportunities. Education workers take on roles such as skilled teachers, counsellors, educational assistants and more. With a diversity of roles within the industry, there are several opportunities and specializations available to pursue.

Marketing Professionals

Average salary range: $39,000 to $68,000
Marketing professionals are constantly in-demand as the market trends are constantly changing and businesses need specialists to help them grow. Individuals who are interested in business and data analysis would enjoy this career path, and business centres like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are great places to start.

Information Security Analysts

Average salary range: $44,000 to $90,000
Information security analysts have tech-oriented responsibilities that involve the protection of data and the creation of solutions to prevent digital security breaches. This profession, as with all other tech-related jobs, fills up quickly due to an increasing demand and the surplus of talent across Canada.

Community Support and Social Services Workers

Average salary range: $34,000 to $72,000
Community support and social services work is a trending career options, especially with today’s growing work/life pressures and changing social landscape. The majority of these jobs are found in the public sector, and with a combination of addictions specialty, social workers are in high demand nationwide.

Healthcare Practitioners

Average salary range: $46,000 to $312,000
Healthcare practitioners are currently a highly in-demand and always a popular profession. The aging population in Canada, including both civilians and workers in the public health sector, pushes the job market to intake more healthcare professionals. With many of today’s professionals nearing retirement, many opportunities in these fields are rising.
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