Legal Office Procedure

Course Info:

Course Introduction

This course introduces students to the knowledge and skills required by a legal professional working in a legal office that relate to office management, practices and procedures. It begins with the roles and responsibilities of various professionals encountered in a legal setting. Then it explores the workings of the court system, time and financial management, organizational skills, communication skills, the production and processing of legal documents, and legal terminology and citation.

Course Prerequisites

Introduction to the Legal System or equivalent knowledge and experience.

Course Notes

Students enrolled in this course receive text and/or other related resource materials. There is a final exam to evaluate student progress for this course. Participants who receive 70% or higher overall will receive a certificate.

Course Breakdown

Module 1: Introduction; the Legal Office Environment

Module 2: Order in the Court; Administrative Tribunal Procedures; Time Management

Module 3: General File Management; Client File Management

Module 4: Client Accounts

Module 5: Communication

Module 6: Legal Correspondence

Module 7: Processing Correspondence; Legal Terminology and Citation

Module 8: Legal Documents; Legal Forms

  • Program: Legal Programs

  • Of interest to: Those who are planning to work in a legal department or law firm.

  • Course aim: To familiarize students with the knowledge and skills needed by a legal professional working in a law office that relate to office management, practices and procedures.

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