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Back when Bill Gates first introduced Microsoft Office to the world in 1988, who’d have thought it would ever become so integral to our daily lives? According to Statista, Microsoft Office is used by over a million companies worldwide, with over 731,000 companies in the United States alone using the office suite software. Canada ranks third in users at just over 83,000, behind the United Kingdom at approximately 187,0001. So, it stands to reason that having a good grip of the major applications of Microsoft Office will put you in good stead when it comes to securing employment.

It’ll come as no surprise that employers want applicants who can create, collaborate and communicate effectively. Therefore, a minimum understanding of Microsoft Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, and Teams is essential for people searching for a new job. In fact, if you open a job posting from any industry, you’ll notice that Microsoft Office efficiency is listed under required skills and qualifications for almost every position. However, listing Microsoft Office skills on a résumé feels a bit like writing you can use a mobile phone. It’s obvious, we’ve all used it. Microsoft had 115 million daily users in 20202 – meaning almost anyone can claim these skills. However, becoming proficient in Microsoft Office by taking a recognized course will help you stand out from the crowd and prove you’re a Microsoft Office master. So, here are five benefits job seekers will get by taking a Microsoft course:

1. Microsoft Office can be used in any job

The most recent stats from Microsoft show that they have 145 million monthly active business users3, so no matter where you work, or the field of your work, such as medical office assistant, you’re likely to come across Microsoft. Because of the programs’ ease-of-use, accessibility, interactivity and adaptability across operating systems these skills are easy to grasp with the right training. Learning how to utilize the suite will give you the skills to take with you to any job in almost any industry and is a sure-fire way to set yourself apart from other job applicants. So, it’s easy to see how learning how to use Microsoft Office effectively is a great move, right? Right.

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2. Learning Microsoft proves you’re adaptable 

For some of us, it’s hard to remember a time before Microsoft Office. However, since its launch in 1988, the software has continued to evolve year on year to become an essential program for businesses. Now the suite includes applications like OneNote, Publisher, Access and Teams – and who knows what applications may be introduced in the future. So, learning how to use Microsoft Office now will allow you to keep up with the added features and updates. Having a Microsoft Office qualification on your résumé will prove that you’re up to date with the latest technology. You’ll also feel more comfortable with what comes down the line when Microsoft rolls out something new.

3. Microsoft tools enhance productivity 

When used properly, Microsoft software is proven to increase your productivity drastically. You can create professional-looking graphs on Excel. You can also use Word or Publisher to create a report or a PowerPoint template to create a presentation. These are all skills that can be transferable to any new job or company you join throughout your career. By learning these handy time-saving features in Microsoft Office, you can be more efficient and productive in a workplace environment, making you more employable. In addition, proficient Microsoft Office skills increase your confidence, bringing you newfound confidence in your abilities.

4. Microsoft applications can be used anywhere

Microsoft Office was developed to embrace cloud technology while still offering its existing services. The word ‘cloud’ often leads to confusion, so we’ll try simplifying it for you… essentially, because Microsoft use cloud technology you can access the Microsoft applications from anywhere as long as you have an Office 365 login (for example, the company you work for). Your subscription will allow you to access Microsoft Office applications on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile. With the pandemic highlighting just how important it is to access documents remotely and give employees the tools to stay productive whilst working from home, having access to cloud technology is ideal for people who are now looking to work remotely in the future. Proving that you are technically literate with Microsoft software on your résumé means an employer is likely to trust you to work from home, which can really open up the range of jobs you can apply for.

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5. Microsoft makes you a great co-worker 

Learning how to operate Microsoft applications won’t just enable you to ascertain the formulas, shortcuts and capabilities to work more efficiently and save your employer’s time and money – they’ll also make you an invaluable part of the team, a better co-worker and a leader in the workplace. You will also develop communication skills on Outlook and Teams that will help you become a better co-worker. These features are great tools for communication and will allow you instant access to employers and co-workers.

How can Academy of Learning help you? 

At Academy of Learning, whether you want to improve your career prospects, gain that promotion or get back to work, our flexible training enables you to learn from home or study at any location, using our market-leading combination of audio guides, workbooks and live software. We offer Microsoft Office courses to help anyone looking to develop their computer skills in the office by offering hands-on workshops for learners wishing to refresh their understanding or wish to speedily engage with the latest updates. These one-day seminars are designed to suit various skill levels and offer an invaluable ‘deep dive’ into the entire suite of Microsoft applications. While beginners are encouraged to join any of the individual Microsoft Office courses, those with an elementary understanding of the suite could quickly boost their skills to an ‘expert level’ with a combined Microsoft Office course certification.

Our range of Microsoft Office training courses cover everything from learning to construct professional presentations and formatting worksheets to navigating new email systems. You can combine your Microsoft Office diploma with a related Academy of Learning program of study to enhance your skills and improve your employability. Microsoft Office training often pairs well with dedicated Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word courses. So, why not contact your local Academy of Learning provider to boost your résumé with one of our Microsoft courses.


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