Microsoft Word Level 1

Course Info:

Course Introduction

In this course, students learn to create documents using the Word word-processing application. They learn to edit and manipulate text, view and format documents, and use various viewing and navigation options. Students will learn to format and sort lists, add headers and footers to documents, insert tables, images, shapes and other graphic elements, use proofreading tools, and more.

Students accomplish the learning objectives for each module through a series of hands-on activities, and there are frequent opportunities to practice, apply, and develop the skills covered in the course.

Course Prerequisite

Introduction to Windows course or equivalent.

Course Notes

The course consists of 12 graded, end-of-module quizzes and a final exam, which consists of practical and online test components.

The course includes a digital Student Reference Guide and Let Me Try workbook. Printed versions of these may be purchased separately.

Course Breakdown

Module 1: Introduction to Word
Introduction to Word; the Word Window; Backstage View; Getting Help

Module 2: Creating Documents
Entering Text; Working with Non-Printing Characters; Saving a Document; Opening a Document

Module 3: Navigating and Editing Documents
Using Keyboard Shortcuts; Using the Find, Replace, and Go To Commands; Simple Editing Techniques; AutoCorrect; Selecting Text; Using the Cut, Copy, and Paste Commands

Module 4: Formatting Text
Character Formatting Options; Format Painter; Numbering a List; Working with Bullets; Creating a Multilevel List; Sorting a List

Module 5: Text Spacing and Alignment
Alignment Options; Line Spacing Options; Indentation; Working with Tabs

Module 6: Using Styles
Working with Styles; Creating Styles; Editing Styles

Module 7: Controlling Page Layout and Elements
Working with Page Breaks; Working with Columns; Adding a Watermark; Headers and Footers

Module 8: Working with Tables
Working with Tables; Sorting in a Table; Converting Existing Data to a Table; Quick Tables; Using Formulas in Tables

Module 9: Adding Images
Inserting Pictures; Picture Options

Module 10: Adding Shapes, Icons, 3D Models, SmartArt, Charts, and Screenshots
Working with Shapes; Icons and 3D Models; SmartArt, Charts, and Screenshots; Grouping Objects; Aligning Objects

Module 11: Finalizing and Printing a Document
Using the Thesaurus and Spell Check; Adding Comments; Page Setup Options; Printing

Module 12: Word Features to Assist Users
Setting Word Options; Keyboard Shortcuts; ScreenTips; Using the Ruler

Upon Completion

Students may continue with Microsoft Word Level 2.

  • Program: Business Programs

  • Course Aim To provide an overview and introduction to the Microsoft Word word-processing application.

  • Of Interest to Those interested in creating, editing, and formatting documents using a robust word-processing application.

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