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5 Ways To Get Closer To Your Dream Job


Whether you are looking to land your first job out of school or to move up from an entry-level position, you need to be smart about your next job hunt...

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Canada’s Top 12 High-Paying In-Demand Job in 2017


Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for your first job, or an experienced worker who’s searching for new career opportunities, I’m sure you’ve all wondered about the same things. “What...

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6 Ways Social Media Can Help You Land A New Job!


If you’re a smart job searcher, you have probably already mastered everything there is to know about resumes, cover letters, interviews, and all of the other job-search basics. But are...

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Back To School, Back To Your Job Search!


While the job market heats up in the summer months, and many job-search specialists recommend job seekers to ramp up their job-search efforts during the summer, it’s understandable that many of...

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5 Ways Volunteering Can Help You Find Your Dream Job!


If you're searching for a job, here's one strategy you may have overlooked: Volunteering.Volunteering for a company you like or a nonprofit organization in your community isn't just a way of doing...

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How To Network Like A Pro?


Networking is the key to success for jobseekers. It helps you find new opportunities, connect with future employers or co-workers, learn from industry insiders, and land on your dream job. Here...

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6 Common Cover Letter Mistakes You Should Avoid!


A cover letter is a written document usually submitted along with a resume to showcase the candidate’s qualifications and interest in the position. A good cover letter complements a resume by...

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How To Get Back To The Job Market After Being Laid Off?


You were hit by the awful news: Effective today, your service is no longer needed. You know you're only facing something that millions of other people experience everyday, but that...

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Why Is CompTIA Essential For Your I.T Career


What is CompTIA The Computer Technology Industry Association, or CompTIA for short, is a highly respected provider of professional certifications for the information technology industry. CompTIA is a global provider...

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How To Secure An Interview Through Email Application Letters?


There are many ways to apply for jobs nowadays. Sometimes, you’ll need to submit an online application through an internal screening system that the company has in place. For some jobs, especially...

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5 Must-Have Skills of A Successful Administrative Professional!


Administrative Professionals are needed in every industry and every aspect of our contemporary society. You need numerous portable and transferable skills if you are starting or think of starting a...

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How To Answer The Awkward Salary Question During Job Interviews?


No matter how well the job interview goes, there’s always going to be one question that stops you short. “What are you looking for in terms of salary?” might be...

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