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Hospitality management is a broad industry, containing positions for people with many different skill sets. Whether you are just graduating from college or looking for a mid-life career change, hospitality management may be a career path to consider.
The first step in beginning a career in this field is to decide which direction you wish to pursue. There are some more popular options such as resort and lodging management, food service management, and event planning, and also some niche options such as amusement park services, catering, and casino management. No matter how popular or glamorous it may seem, you’d better learn about the real day-to-day operations of the industry in order to make a more informed career decision. Now let’s take a look at some common career options now!

Food and Beverage Management

Food and beverage service is the ideal career for those who enjoy working with delicious foods. Food and beverage service professionals are in demand across the nation in catering companies, hotels, restaurants, and anywhere food is served. 
As a food and beverage manager, you control the day-to-day operations of restaurants, clubs, bars; and your duties include ordering food supplies, customer service, as well as inventory tracking, budgeting, and financial bookkeeping. According to Payscale, a food service professional earns an average salary of C$46,070 per year, and the management roles can make up to $68,518 a year.

Event and Conference Planning

Conference and banquet management involves the planning and curating of large events such as conventions, weddings, trade shows and more. Event planners communicate with clients to ensure all requirements are fulfilled. And they coordinate food services, transportation, accommodation arrangements, and attend the event to make sure that all guests are satisfied.
Event planners are in high-demand in hotels, resorts, and conference centers. Most employers require a diploma or degree in hospitality or tourism management. Prior experience in this field is helpful but not required.  An event planner earns an average salary of C$51,067 per year and the management roles can make up to $74,496 a year.

Lodging Management

Hospitality management students should also consider a career path in lodging management. Lodging management involves hotels, motels, and resorts. Lodging managers are in charge of the daily operations of the property; they overlook guest and food services, customer relations, housekeeping and room inspections, as well as sales in order to run the facility smoothly.
Lodging managers typically work in a fast-paced environment with a focus on customer experience. Hotels are open all year round, therefore lodging managers often work on holidays and weekends as well.  A lodging manager earns an average salary of C$51,278 per year and the management roles can make up to $86,560 a year.

Casino Management

Casinos are another area of hospitality management that students could consider. In fact, casino management can be one of the most lucrative positions in the hospitality field. Casino managers are responsible for the smooth operation of the facility and it’s their job to keep the casino welcoming and profitable.
Casino managers are also in charge of customer experience, facility management, employee relations, and the added responsibility of security. Casino managers generally spend most of their time on the floor to ensure customers satisfaction. A casino manager earns an average salary of C$59,520 per year and the management roles can make up to $89,463 a year.

Travel and Tourism Management

Hospitality management students can also consider a career in travel and tourism management. Jobs in this field include travel agents, cruise directors, sales managers, and tour managers. The broad responsibilities of these professions can range from trip reservations, overseeing guest services and entertainment, managing staff, budgeting, as well as sales and marketing. As a Travel and tourism manager, your job may require some travel in terms of destination research and management. The average pay for a travel professional is C$47,709 per year and the management roles can make up to $74,616 a year.
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