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Take your first step toward a successful career in Office and Administration with an AOLCC Office and Administration Training Program in British Columbia.

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Why study office and administration?

Office and Administration personnel help manage offices so their operations are efficient. If you are an organized and detail-oriented individual, you could find a rewarding career in Office and Administration. Every company needs help running the office and there is a high demand for workers in this sector. Our courses teach you the skills needed to succeed in a career in Office and Administration.

Explore our Office and Administration Programs in British Columbia

Administrative Assistant

This program introduces students to word processing and its many applications in the business world. Skilled Administrative Assistants are in great demand by both large corporations and small independent businesses.

Executive Assistant

This program prepares students to enter and progress in the secretarial field. Upon graduation, the new Executive Assistant is able to meet the challenges of the new millennium with the skills most currently required by employers.

Human Resources Administration

The program provides students with comprehensive knowledge of current office and business skills including proficiency in Human Resource Management, Business Law & Ethics, Microsoft applications and accounting.

Marketing Administration Assistant

The objective of this program is to provide the student with opportunities to acquire and apply the knowledge of desktop publishing & basic marketing skills to meet the demands of today’s business.

Office Administration

The Office Administration Diploma program prepares students to work in an office environment as administrators and assistants. The program provides students with comprehensive knowledge and office skills to make them successful as assistants in business settings.

Office Administration Assistant

This program introduces students to word processing and to many applications in the business world. Skilled Office Administration Assistants are in great demand by both large corporations and small independent businesses.

Office Clerk

The Office Clerk Certificate provides students with the knowledge of basic office procedures, software fundamentals, and business skills that can be applied in any office.

What will I learn in an office and administration course?

In AOLCC’s Office and Administration courses, you will learn how to use databases and Microsoft software. You will receive training in business correspondence, customer service, and management. These skills will be useful every day in an office setting.

Graduates will be able to create business presentations, update company databases, track spending in excel, and assist customers. Learning the fundamentals of Office and Administration will set you up to adapt and succeed in any business office.

What to expect from a career in office administration

You can bring your office administration skills to any type of business that you are passionate about. This includes travel, tech, a large corporation, or a small startup. Much of your day will include working on computers and communicating with staff. Day-to-day tasks may include things such as general office support, coordinating between departments, preparing business agendas, maintaining computer records, working with office equipment, and other tasks to help manage the office. There are many opportunities for career growth in Office and Administration and training is a great way to get started.

Careers after completing an office and administration program in British

With a diploma or certificate in Office and Administration, you will have the skills to work
in many different positions, including:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive assistant
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Office Manager
  • Data Entry Specialist
  • Legal Secretary
  • Customer Service Representative

Salary range for careers in office and administration

Salaries for careers in Office and Administration can range from about $33,000 to $69,000. Salary may vary, depending on the company and experience.

Why choose an office and administration training course with AOLCC?

AOLCC Office and Administration training courses are focused on giving students comprehensive preparation for the workforce. We will teach you the skills you need to be successful.

We offer flexibility – You can begin your career training any time of the year. Our unique integrated learning system (ILS) allows students to study at their desired pace and schedule.

All AOLCC students receive help from a personal on-campus learning coach so they are always supported during their studies.

AOLCC is Canada’s largest career college network – whether you wish to study in British Columbia or another location in Canada, we have you covered!

We not only train students for a career but also help them in their job search. The courses teach job-hunting and resume-building skills so you are prepared to find a job after graduation.

How can you get started?

Are you ready to take the next step? AOLCC is ready to help you! Contact our career advisors today for a free consultation and find out if our training in Office and Administration is right for you.

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