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Business administration refers to the operational element of business. It includes all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations. From big-name corporations to independent small businesses, every operation needs skilled administrators in order to succeed. In this digital age, modern technologies have been deeply incorporated into every company. Therefore, having the knowledge and skills to utilize computers is very crucial to all business administration professionals.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft’s suite of productivity products known as Office, or MS Office, is a must for businesses around the world. The Office suite includes Word, a word-processing program; Excel, a financial spreadsheet program; Access, a database program; Publisher, for desktop publishing; PowerPoint, a program for creating presentations; Outlook, a program for email and scheduling; OneNote, to keep your notes organized; and InfoPath, an application to track information as it passes through the other applications and through the business. Knowing how to use MS Office is essential at many businesses, and the required skill level is usually specified in job postings to ensure candidates are equipped with proper MS skills.


One of the most commonly used Microsoft Office products is Microsoft Word, anyone who works in an office use it to write up reports, important business letters or other correspondence. However, being skilled in mail merges, SmartArt and textboxes, header manipulation, page layout and formatting, macro scripts modification, and executing other complex functions will truly make you stand out. 
Experience in word processing is essential, as business administration professionals must be able to produce written documents that include business memos and letters, updates and general correspondence for staff and clients.

Microsoft Excel

Proficiency in data processing and organizing programs, especially Microsoft Excel, is specifically referenced in many job postings. Organizing and better understanding information and data is at the core of what Microsoft Excel is for. Being able to complete data-related tasks more efficiently than other candidates will make you the best choice in employer’s eyes.
Nearly every profession in the world should have some use for Excel. If you can create complex macros to organize spreadsheet information, make full use of autofill, and if you are familiar with formulas and pivot table, experienced in formatting, congratulations, you are in particularly high demand!


Having the ability to create informative and beautiful PowerPoint presentations, or slides using presentation software is essential for all business professionals. Whether you are the one who creates the slides for your team, or the one who delivers the presentation to your audience, skills in PowerPoint will come in handy and make your job easier.
A solid grasp of PowerPoint is very important for business professionals who wish to conduct dynamic presentations or prepare materials for team members and coworkers. During your job search, being able to show employers some attractive examples of your presentation and PowerPoint slides will make you a more appealing option.


Many businesses use QuickBooks for accounting, payroll, invoicing, reporting and more. In some occasions, business administration professionals may be asked to carry out these responsibilities. Therefore, a working knowledge of QuickBooks is definitely an asset in the business world.
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