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Explore the world of dedicated professionals who guide career college learners to academic excellence.

As education evolves, driven by rapid technological advances, shifting career demands, and a desire for personalized learning, tertiary education is flourishing like never before.

In response, colleges are reinventing educational paradigms, designing flexible learning environments, and nurturing adaptability. A key innovation in supporting students from all backgrounds is the emergence of Learning Coaches – certified mentors committed to guiding career college students to success.

Chamara Perera | Academy of Learning
Chamara Perera | Academy of Learning

How Learning Coaches Redefine Educational Support Beyond Traditional Assistance

Certified Learning Coaches provide bespoke support, going beyond the traditional role of instructors by offering individualized assistance with assignments, career guidance, academic milestones, and educational victories.

We are thrilled to have the chance to speak with Chamara Perera, Chief Operating Officer of Opulence Education Group, a leading provider of education services worldwide, including operating several Academy of Learning Career Colleges in Ontario. With 25 years of experience as an executive professional in the education sector, Chamara sat down with us to discuss the critical role of Learning Coaches in modern education.

Choosing the Right Experts: An Insider’s Perspective on Learning Coach Recruitment

Chamara, could you explain the innovative strategies you use to recruit Learning Coaches?

Chamara: We give precedence to industry experience to craft our recruits into post-graduation specialists, in line with industry and ministry standards. Our operations comply with PCC regulations. New hires receive foundational training to become certified Learning Coaches, achieving the LaunchLife standard for effective student mentorship.

Our strategic hiring process includes detailed interviews and a trial teaching session to assess interpersonal skills. We value attitude and aptitude, ensuring we onboard exceptional Learning Coaches. Our emphasis on industry experience reflects our commitment to providing students with educators who not only understand the theoretical aspects of their field but also have practical, real-world knowledge.

To Polish a Diamond: The Intensive Training Process for Learning Coaches

Can you detail the comprehensive training that these coaches undergo?

Chamara: New coaches undergo a three-month intensive training program. They become proficient in our learning management and student information systems), such as ACME, LAUNCH, and myAOLCC Learning Hub, and complete HR onboarding in accordance with Ontario’s standards. The training encompasses health and safety, sexual violence, and harassment, with a strong emphasis on privacy.

Coaches are mentored and supervised throughout their training, with oversight from a student service director. We conclude with an assessment of their ability to engage with students, highlighting our robust training approach. This not only equips Learning Coaches with the necessary skills and knowledge but also instills in them a deep understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

The Intensive Training Process for Learning Coaches
The Intensive Training Process for Learning Coaches

Quality Assurance: How to Measure a Learning Coach’s Success

How do you assess Learning Coach performance and encourage continuous development?

Chamara: We use a multi-tier evaluation process, including probationary reviews and program-specific student surveys tailored to their programs. This feedback informs improvement areas and strategies for coaches and programs. Annual appraisals combine self-evaluation, managerial review, and a feedback session, demonstrating our dedication to the professional growth of our Learning Coaches.

Continuous feedback and performance improvement plans are integral to our investment in our Learning Coaches. This commitment to ongoing training, development, and support is a cornerstone of our success, ensuring that our coaches are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. By prioritizing feedback and professional development, we empower our coaches to deliver the highest quality of education and support to our students, driving our organization’s continued growth and success.

Encouraging Growth: The Focus on Learning Coach Development

How is the professional growth of Learning Coaches nurtured?

Chamara: Each year, we renew our Learning Coaches’ skillsets with industry-relevant certifications and encourage their participation in seminars and additional training programs. This continuous learning is crucial in Canada’s dynamic educational field, equipping our coaches to address our students’ changing needs.

We support each coach to partake in at least two professional development programs annually, positively influencing their performance reviews. With financial backing for these programs, especially in fields like IT, we ensure our coaches possess the expertise required to guide students effectively.

Our proactive stance on professional development signifies our unwavering commitment to high standards, guaranteeing that our coaches deliver unparalleled support to our students.

Academy of Learning Career College Graduate | Academy of Learning

Changing Student Future: The Real Impact of Learning Coaches

Could you share examples of Learning Coaches’ significant effects on students?

Chamara: Certainly. One memorable instance involves an Ethiopian student who, amid personal loss and cultural adjustment, was uplifted and guided to academic excellence by a Learning Coach from her own background. This coach extended beyond scholastic assistance, providing emotional support and practical advice, enabling the student to excel and be honored as valedictorian. This story exemplifies the deep and often unseen impact of Learning Coaches in fostering student achievement.

Thank you, Chamara, for these profound insights into the life-altering influence of Learning Coaches!

Academy of Learning Career College Health and Wellness Program

Pioneering Instruction: Learning Coaches in Future-Focused Education

With the educational sector in rapid flux, Learning Coaches are becoming increasingly vital in aiding a diverse student body. This is particularly true for those pursuing new qualifications and careers in fast-changing industries. Institutions like the Academy of Learning understand the substantial effect Learning Coaches have on student outcomes. By offering individualized guidance and support, these mentors are key in helping students surmount academic hurdles and reach their aspirations.

Colleges that harness the full potential of Learning Coaches are set to become leaders in tertiary education. As technology revolutionizes learning methods, the importance of Learning Coaches grows. By investing in these educators and providing them with the necessary resources and training, educational institutions can ensure that students receive the support essential for success in a constantly evolving educational environment.

Thus, Academy of Learning Career College and other forward-thinking institutions are adapting and driving these changes, ensuring that Learning Coaches play an instrumental role in helping students achieve their full potential.