Kick off a successful career in design with an AOLCC Visual and Applied Design training program in Ontario.

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Why pursue a career in design?

This field enables you to use your creativity to develop real-world items. Whether you are interested in creating business graphics, designing websites or, drafting building concepts AOLCC has a design program to get you there. Depending on your chosen diploma, graduates can find work in the fields of marketing, architecture, web design, game design, and more. 

Explore our Visual and Applied Design Programs in Ontario

Web Designer

This program provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to build a web design foundation, learn industry-standard software programs, and produce a well-rounded and exciting portfolio. Students learn how to plan and design compelling and interactive websites and learn to use industry-related programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Animate, for website designs.

Graphic Designers

In the Graphic Designer diploma program, students learn the software programs that every professional designer needs to know: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Students learn techniques for creating digital images, illustrations, and layouts, and they develop a strong theoretical foundation in color, typography, and composition.

Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CAD)

Drafting technologists and technicians prepare engineering designs, drawings and related technical information, in multidisciplinary engineering teams or in support of engineers, architects or industrial designers, or they may work independently.

What is visual and applied design?

Visual and applied design covers a wide range of creative possibilities. If you love to merge technology with the visual arts, a diploma from AOLCC is the perfect career catalyst. Choose from courses covering research, design and development of graphic design, HTML or CSS essentials, animate, and WordPress Development.

Our courses in graphic design teach you the ins and outs of software programs like PhotoshopIllustrator, and InDesign. You’ll learn techniques for creating outstanding digital images and illustrations. You will also build a portfolio of work through practical exercises ranging from photo editing to logo design to magazine layout and more. Graphic design graduates will have a solid understanding of colourtypography, and composition. 

Careers after completing a visual and applied design diploma in Ontario

A visual and applied design diploma can unlock countless opportunities for graduates across industries. Depending on your chosen program, some of the jobs you’ll be qualified for include:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Web designer
  • Website developer
  • Consultant
  • Drafting technologist

Salary range for careers in visual and applied design

Salaries for visual and applied design jobs vary depending on the role, industry, and location. Graduates in Ontario can expect to earn between $34,000 to $61,000 as CAD technicians. The average starting salary for a web designer is $48,000. Graphic designers usually earn around $49,000.

Why choose an AOLCC visual and applied design course?

With over 30 diploma and certificate programs available, AOLCC is a great choice for those looking to move to the next level in their careers. Our world-class integrated learning system (ILS) focuses on each student’s learning needs with curriculum that lets you learn at your own pace and set your own schedule.

Graduates of our visual and applied design course will have the skills and knowledge they need to take projects from conception to completion in their respective fields.

Students will receive one-on-one, personalized support from an on-campus learning coach who will support you every step of your journey.

From Ontario to British Columbia, we have a campus for you! 50 locations across the country make us Canada’s largest college network.

Once you’ve graduated, our job placement assistance will help you find opportunities in your chosen career. We work with you to develop job-hunting skills and learn resume-building techniques so you can find the right fit for you.

How can you get started?

Studying with AOLCC can put you on the right track to a new and exciting career in Visual and Applied Design. To find out if one of our design programs is right for you, contact an admissions advisor for a free career consultation.

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