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Lilian Joie Balbin Soars To Success At Academy Of Learning

Introducing the extraordinary Lilian Joie Balbin, an Academy of Learning Career College graduate who has achieved remarkable success at our Red Deer, Alberta Campus! “I chose Academy of Learning because I thrive on close relationships and well-rounded education,” and with AOLCC’s smaller class sizes, she adds, “I had the chance to build stronger relationships with my instructors and classmates.” Lilian continues, “Staff are easy to contact and always there to help. I know that Academy of Learning helped me to reach my career goals.” Lilian’s favorite part of attending AOLCC was engaging in hands-on lab activities and learning from our highly specialized teachers and professionals during labs and clinicals. AOLCC played a pivotal role in helping her reach her career goals, and we couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments!

Ready to soar towards your dreams like Lilian? Join us at AOLCC today!