Web Practical Simulation

Course Info:

Course Introduction

This course provides the student with real world experience in Web site development. As well as providing practice relating to developing Web sites, this course provides an introduction to project management theory and tools that will assist you in planning, implementing and managing a typical Web site development project. This course consists of two Lessons and a Project. Each Lesson is divided into Sections with related Tasks. The final section of this course is the Web Project. A scenario is presented, and the student has the freedom and flexibility to create and publish a Web site, using tools and concepts learned from other Web Design courses presented in their program of study.

Course Prerequisites

Windows Level 1, Microsoft Word Level 1, Photoshop Basics, Illustrator Basics, Dreamweaver 1 and 2, Flash Basics, HTML and CSS essentials, Dynamic Web Development with PHP courses, or equivalent knowledge.

Course Notes

A Student Guide is provided for this course. Evaluation is based solely on an assessment of the student’s completed project. The student is introduced to a fictitious company, and required to complete tasks in the role of Web Development Project Manager, Graphic Designer, and Web Designer. There is no exam associated with this course.

Course Breakdown

Lesson 1: Introduction to Project Management; The Project Management Process; Scope Management; Time Management; Cost Management; Quality Management; Completing the Project

Lesson 2: Planning a Web Site; Principles of Effective Design; Creating a Web Site; Publishing a Web Site

Web Project: Complete the Web Project

  • Program: Web Designer Program

  • Course Aim: To provide the student with real world experience relating to Web site development.

  • Of interest to: Those interested in pursuing a career in graphic or Web design.

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