QuickBooks Premier 2019

Course Info:

Course Introduction

In this course, students are introduced to QuickBooks and its features. As students progress through the course, they will become familiar with the QuickBooks interface and learn how to perform common tasks using QuickBooks.

The course consists of seventeen modules, quizzes, and a Final Exam. Students are given frequent opportunities to practice, apply, and develop the skills presented.

Course Prerequisites

Working knowledge of Windows.

Course Objective

The purpose of this course is to provide a basic understanding of computerized accounting and the skills needed to manage accounting records for a small company using QuickBooks Premier 2019.

Of Interest to

Those who wish to manage the finances of a small company using QuickBooks.

Course Notes

A QuickBooks student guide is provided for reference. The course consists of seventeen graded, end-of-module quizzes and a final exam. Participants who are taking this as an individual course (not part of a program) and receive 75% or higher on their final grade will receive a certificate.

Method of Delivery

Integrated Learning™ System training facilitated by Academy of Learning Career College learning coaches.

Course Breakdown

Module 1 – Course Introduction

Welcome and Overview, QuickBooks Versions,Course Structure

Module 2 – Getting Started

How QuickBooks Files Work, Setting Up Your Company File, Using the Easy Step Interview, Getting Around in QuickBooks, Starting and Exiting QuickBooks, Opening a Second Company File

Module 3 – Customizing the QuickBooks 2019 Environment

Preferences, Working with Users, Chart of Accounts

Module 4 – Working with Customers and Jobs

Walkthrough of the Customer Centre, Creating Customers and Jobs, Creating Estimates, Invoicing from Estimates, Invoicing Customers for Product and Services, Receiving Payments, Creating Deposits, Creating Credit Memos, Entering an Overpayment, Handling Customer Down Payments, Memorizing a Sale, Using Price Levels, Creating Statements, Using the Income Tracker

Module 5 – Working with Vendors

Walkthrough of the Vendor Centre, Entering Bills,Paying Bills, Handling Vendor Credit Memos

Module 6 – Working with Items and Inventory

Working with Items, Creating Purchase Orders, Receiving Items, Creating Bills for Items, Manually Adjusting Items

Module 7 – Working with QuickBooks Registers and Bank Accounts

Working with Registers, Creating Entries and Writing Cheques, Recording Bank Transfers, Reconciling

Module 8 – Working with Loans

Setting Up Loans, Creating Loan Payments, Using the Loan Manager

Module 9 – Working with Credit Cards

Setting Up Credit Card Accounts, Entering Credit Card Transactions, Reconciling Credit Cards and Making Payments

Module 10 – Customizing Forms

Form Customization, Using the Layout Designer

Module 11 – Reports

QuickReports, Creating Reports, Customizing Reports, Memorizing Reports

Module 12 – Working with Sales Task

Setting Up and Applying Sales Taxes, Running Sales Tax Reports and Filing Sales Tax Returns

Module 13 – Payroll

Working with Payroll Items, Working with Employees, Paying Employees, Paying Payroll Taxes, Running Payroll Reports

Module 14 – The Lead Centre

Working with Leads

Module 15 – Mail Merges

Creating a Mail Merge, Mail Merge Using Custom Templates

Module 16 – Budgets

Creating a Budget, Running Budget Reports

Module 17 – Other QuickBooks Features

Using Bank Feeds, Searching in QuickBooks, Using the QuickBooks Calendar, Backing Up Company Files

  • Program: Accounting Programs

  • Course Aim: To provide a basic understanding of computerized accounting and the skills needed to manage accounting records for a small company using QuickBooks Premier 2019 software.

  • Of interest to: Those who wish to learn to manage the finances of a small company using Windows-based software.

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