Microsoft Word Level 2

Course Info:

Course Introduction

This course covers key intermediate-level concepts and techniques to strengthen users’ command of the application.
In this course, students learn how to use different views to maximize their effectiveness with Microsoft Word. They learn to search and replace formatting and special characters, create envelopes and labels, perform mail merges, and create and insert quick parts, tables of contents, and tables of figures. Students also learn to format graphics and pictures, create table styles and use functions in tables, and insert text boxes, section breaks, and links.

Students accomplish the learning objectives for each module through a series of hands-on activities, and there are frequent opportunities to practice, apply, and develop the skills covered in the course.

Course Prerequisite

Microsoft Word Level 1

Course Notes

The course consists of 12 graded, end-of-module quizzes and a final exam, which consists of practical and online test components.

The course includes a digital Student Reference Guide and Let Me Try workbook. Printed versions of these may be purchased separately.

Course Breakdown

Module 1: Working with Views
Using Read Mode; Using Print and Web Layout Views; Using Draft and Outline Views; the Immersive Group

Module 2: Searching and Replacing Content
Finding and Replacing Formatting and Special Characters; Using the Navigation Pane and Go To; AutoCorrect and AutoComplete

Module 3: Working with Envelopes and Labels
Working with Envelopes and Label

Module 4: Performing Mail Merges
What is Mail Merge? Creating a Merge Document; Merging Envelopes and Labels; Merging a Directory

Module 5: Using QuickParts
Creating and Editing Building Blocks; Using AutoText

Module 6: Creating an Index and a Table of Contents
Creating an Index; Using AutoMark to Create an Index; Creating a Table of Contents

Module 7: Advanced Table Features
Creating a Table Style; Table Breaks and Repeat Headings; Using Formulas and Tables

Module 8: Formatting Graphics and Pictures
Inserting and Formatting WordArt; Filling Shapes with Pictures; Working with Icons and 3D Models

Module 9: Using Captions and Creating a Table of Figures
Inserting a Caption; Creating a Table of Figures

Module 10: Using Text Boxes
The Text Box Gallery; Text Alignment and Margins; Sidebars; Linking Text Boxes

Module 11: Page Layout and Sections
Layout Tab Overview; Inserting Breaks; Using Sections with Headers and Footers; Using Sections for Page Borders; Using Document Properties and Fields with Sections; Using Column Breaks; Master and Subdocuments

Module 12: Using Links
Inserting links; Linking to Excel Data

Upon Completion

Students may continue with Microsoft Word Level 3.

  • Program: Business Programs

  • Course Aim To provide an understanding that goes beyond the basics of the Microsoft Word word-processing application.

  • Of Interest to Those who are proficient with the basic concepts and features of Word and wish to increase their productivity and enhance their documents using Word’s intermediate- and advanced-level features.

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