Microsoft Excel 2013

Course Info:

Course Introduction

In this course, students learn to create and manage worksheets and workbook files; enter data and create basic formulas to perform calculations. They learn to edit and format cell content, modify worksheet structure, view and format worksheets, and use Excel’s predefined functions. Students use the Find and Replace feature, use themes to format workbooks and practice preparing, previewing, and printing worksheets.

Students accomplish the learning objectives for each lesson through a series of hands-on tasks, for which they are given step-by-step instructions and desired result checkpoints. The tasks provide ample opportunity for students to practice, apply, and develop the skills covered in the course.

Review questions are included at the end of each lesson to measure progress and reinforce the skills learned. There are also Exam Preparation Exercises at the end of the course to provide further practice and review to reinforce the topics learned throughout the course, and to help prepare students for the exam.

Course Prerequisites

Introduction to Windows course, or equivalent.

Course Notes

Course manual is provided for on-going reference. There is a final exam upon completion of the course. Participants who receive 75% or higher on their exam will receive a certificate.

Course Breakdown

Excel 2013 Level 1:

  • Lesson 1:
    Exploring Excel 2013; Exploring the Excel Program Window; Entering Data in Excel; Working with Numbers and Save Concepts
  • Lesson 2:
    Opening Workbooks and Editing Entries; Selecting Cells and Ranges, and Cut, Copy and Paste; Undo and Redo, and Clearing Cell Contents and Formats; Using Auto Features; Using AutoCorrect
  • Lesson 3:
    Exploring the Many Views of Excel; Editing Workbook Properties and Managing Worksheets; Copying/Hiding Worksheets, and Modifying Columns/Rows
  • Lesson 4:
    Working with Formulas and Functions
  • Lesson 5:
    Formatting Worksheets; Text Control Options and Formatting Numbers; Format Cells Dialog Box

Excel 2013 Level 2:

  • Lesson 1:
    Exploring Excel 2013; Creating Charts; Moving & Sizing Embedded Charts; Exploring and Modifying Charts; Applying Layouts; Trendlines, Sparklines and Printing
  • Lesson 2:
    Working with the Format Painter and Quick Styles; Formatting with Themes; Inserting Date Functions and Formatting; Creating Custom Formats and Working with Conditional Formatting; Naming Cells and Ranges
  • Lesson 3:
    Sorting Worksheet Data; Using Flexible Worksheet Views; Printing Multipage Worksheets; Linking Cells and Formulas; Using 3-D Cell Reference in Formulas; Copying Worksheets; Printing Multiple- Sheet Workbooks
  • Lesson 4:
    Creating Formulas Using Criteria IF Functions; Using Logical Functions in Formulas; Using Functions to Format Text; Creating Financial Functions; Using Data Analysis Tools
  • Lesson 5:
    Working with Tables; Creating a Table; Enhanced Sorting and Filtering; Using SUBTOTAL and Quick Analysis; Using the Outline Feature and Displaying Subtotals
  • Lesson 6:
    Getting Into Shapes; Illustrating with SmartArt and WordArt; Using and Customizing Templates; Using Illustrations, Inserting Pictures and Clip Art

Excel 2013 Level 3:

  • Lesson 1:
    Introducing Lookup Functions; Creating PivotTables; Creating PivotCharts and Macro Security; Recording, Running and Assigning Macros
  • Lesson 2:
    Working with Grouped Worksheets; Consolidating Worksheet Data; Working with Data Validation; Circling Invalid Data; Removing Duplicated Records; Tracing Formulas; Auditing Formula Errors; Using Data Tables
  • Lesson 3:
    Creating Folders in Excel; Editing Comments; Creating Hyperlinks; Protecting Workbooks and Worksheets; Creating Digital Signatures
  • Lesson 4:
    Preparing Workbooks for Distribution; Sharing Workbooks Without a Network; Tracing Changes to Workbooks; Merging Multiple Workbooks; Emailing a Workbook; Importing Data via a Web Query; Collaborating with SkyDrive and Office Web Apps
  • Lesson 5:
    Maintaining Compatibility; Converting Workbooks; Merging with other MS Programs; Importing External Data; Saving Workbook Elements as a Webpage

Exam Preparation Exercises


  • Program: Accounting Programs

  • Course Aim: To provide an overview and introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013, in order to create and manipulate spreadsheets.

  • Of interest to: Those interested in preparing and maintaining financial statements, and other reports in an up-to-date office spreadsheet environment.

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