Insurance Law / SABS

Course Info:

Course Introduction

In this course, the student develops an understanding of the legal principles upon which insurance rests, and are introduced to many kinds of insurance including: life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, mortgage insurance, unemployment insurance, accident insurance, burial insurance, cargo insurance, fire insurance, title insurance. After examining fundamental insurance principles, the course explores the Ontario automobile accident compensation scheme. The course addresses the prevailing automobile compensation system and covers all practical questions of coverage, entitlement and payment schedules available.

Course Prerequisites

Introduction to the Legal System and Tort and Contract Law or equivalent knowledge and experience.

Course Notes

Students enrolled in this course receive text and/or other related resource materials. There are two assignments and three tests to evaluate student progress for this course. Participants who receive 70% or higher overall will receive a certificate.

Course Breakdown

Lesson 1: Introduction to Insurance Law

Lesson 2: Types of Insurance

Lesson 3: Automobile Insurance

Lesson 4: When an Accident Occurs

Lesson 5: Specific Issues to Auto Insurance

Lesson 6: Paralegal Representation

  • Program: Legal Programs

  • Of interest to: Individuals interested in pursuing a career in a law firm, or legal office, and who wish to broaden their knowledge of insurance law.

  • Course aim: To familiarize the student with insurance law in Ontario.

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