Course Info:

Course Introduction

In this course, students develop practical skills for Dreamweaver, the HTML editor of choice for professional Web designers. Dreamweaver integrates a host of design tools in one easy-to-use application. Without any advanced HTML and CSS knowledge, students learn how to design sophisticated sites, create advanced responsive layouts by using Cascading Style Sheets, typography, colors, fluid grids, data tables, jQuery navigation bars, and more. This intensive training course guides students through Adobe’s leading-edge Web editor, taking them from absolute beginner to intermediate level. Practical projects help students build a portfolio of Web pages that demonstrate their skills.

Course Prerequisites

Photoshop Basics course or equivalent experience.

Course Notes

A Student Guide is provided for this course. Evaluation is based solely on an Academy of Learning Career College final exam. Prior to taking the final exam, students must successfully complete all the components of the online course material. Participants who receive 75% or higher on their exam will receive a certificate.

Course Breakdown

Dreamweaver Module 1:

  • Lesson 1:
    Introduction to Dreamweaver; How to Define a Site; The Dreamweaver Interface; Document Views; Adding Content; Tips for File Management; Tips on File Naming; Tips on Path Structure
  • Lesson 2:
    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); CSS Selectors; Hierarchy of Styles; CSS Designer: @Media; CSS Designer: Selectors; CSS Designer: Properties; List Based Navigation; Horizontal Lists
  • Lesson 3:
    Fluid Grid Layouts; Designing with Fluid Grid Layouts
  • Lesson 4:
    Data Tables; Tables Defined; Responsive Tables; Obsolete HTML Table Properties; Tips for Tables; Image Editing
  • Lesson 5:
    CSS Positioning; Positioning Schemes; Positioning in Fluid Grid Layouts; AP Roundup
  • Lesson 6:
    jQuery, Multimedia, and Troubleshooting; jQuery Navigation; jQuery Lightbox; Multimedia Effects; Troubleshooting Tips


Dreamweaver Module 2:

  • Lesson 1:
    Advanced Fluid Grid Layouts; Project Set-Up; HTML Structure; CSS Formatting
  • Lesson 2:
    Extending Dreamweaver; Advanced CSS Techniques; Content Formatting; CSS Browser Compatibility; Working in Code View; Working Collaboratively
  • Lesson 3:
    Behaviors and jQuery; Basic Behavior Review; Advanced Image Behaviors; Pop Up Behaviors; jQuery UI; Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Lesson 4:
    CSS Transitions; CSS Transitions Properties; The CSS Transitions Panel; Case Studies
  • Lesson 5:
    Form Page Design; Working with Forms; Forms and Form Elements; Additional Form Elements; HTML5 Form Elements; jQuery UI Form Elements; Form Properties; HTML Email
  • Lesson 6:
    jQuery Mobile; Going Mobile; Mobile Starters; ThemeRoller; Building the Site; Incorporating Google Maps
  • Program: Web Designer Program

  • Course Aim: To provide the student with a thorough understanding on how to build Web sites using Dreamweaver design tool.

  • Of interest to: Those interested in pursuing a career in graphic or Web design.

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