CompTIA Security+

Course Info:

Course Introduction

This course is designed to prepare the student for the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) certification exam and focuses on knowledge of security concepts, tools, and procedures to react to security incidents; it ensures that security personnel are anticipating security risks and guarding against them. Upon completion of this course, students will gain knowledge and skills required to identify risk, to participate in risk mitigation activities, and to provide infrastructure, application, information, and operational security. In addition, students will learn how to apply security controls to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability, identify appropriate technologies and products, troubleshoot security events and incidents, and operate with an awareness of applicable policies, laws, and regulations.

Course Prerequisites

CompTIA A+ and Network+ certification or equivalent technical networking experience with an emphasis on security is recommended.

Course Notes

A student textbook is provided for on-going reference. This course consists of 26 graded endof- module quizzes and a final exam. Participants who receive 75% or higher on their final grade will receive a certificate. Hands-on practice labs are included in this course. By completing these labs students will gain practical aspects of the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) exam objectives. Due to the dynamic nature of the IT industry, job success mandates that an individual learns not only the theory, but also obtains the skill to locate resources that provide answers and help solve problems on the job. We encourage our students to develop research and study skills that will help them make the transition from the classroom to the work environment. Independent thinking is required of anyone considering IT courses and a career in Information Technology.

Training Path

Industry Certification Preparation

CompTIA Security+

This course prepares the student to write the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) certification exam. The CompTIA Security+ Certification is a vendor neutral credential. The CompTIA Security+ exam is an internationally recognized validation of foundation-level security skills and knowledge, and is used by organizations and security professionals around the globe.

Course Breakdown

Module 1
The Present Threat Landscape
Module 16
Troubleshooting Security Issues
Module 2
Types of Malware
Module 17
Identity Concepts and Access Services
Module 3
Social Engineering and Related Attacks
Module 18
Identity and Access Management Controls
Module 4
Application and Service Attacks
Module 19
Common Account Management Practices
Module 5
Cryptographic and Wireless Attacks
Module 20
Frameworks, Guidelines, and Physical Security
Module 6
Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning
Module 21
Implement Secure Network Architecture Concepts
Module 7
Impacts from Vulnerability Types
Module 22
Secure System and Application Design and Deployment
Module 8
Components of Organizational Security
Module 23
Cloud, Virtualization, and Resiliency Concepts
Module 9
Security Assessment Using Software Tools
Module 24
Policies, Plans, and Procedures
Module 10
Module 25
Business Impact Analysis and Risk Management
Module 11
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Module 26
Incident Response, Forensics, and Disaster Recovery
Module 12
Wireless Security Settings
Module 13
Analyzing output from Security Technologies
Module 14
Deploying Mobile Devices Securely
Module 15
Implementing Secure Protocols


Course Aim:

To provide a basic understanding of computerized accounting and the skills needed to manage accounting records for a small company using QuickBooks Premier 2012 software.

Of interest to:

Those who wish to learn to manage the finances of a small company using Windows-based software.

Method of Delivery:

Integrated Learning™ System (ILSPlus) training facilitated by Academy of Learning Career College facilitators.


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