Communication Skills

Course Info:

Course Introduction

Communication Skills focuses on the development of selfawareness, increased understanding of others and effective interpersonal communication skills that can be used in a variety of care-giving contexts. Students will be encourages to become more aware of the impact of their own communication choices and patterns. They will have opportunities to develop and use communication techniques that demonstrate personal awareness, respect, and active listening skills. This course consists of 14 days (70 hours) of daily, participatory learning sessions.

Course Prerequisites

Completion of Introduction to the HCA Profession.

Course Notes

Students are supplied with text books for ongoing reference. In addition to daily quizzes, presentations, individual and group projects, and chapter exams, there is a final exam upon completion of the course. Students must achieve a mark of 75% to successfully complete the course.

Course Breakdown

Interpersonal Communication Skills: Describing the communication process, and verbal and nonverbal communication

Knowledge of Self, Non-verbal Communications, Responding to Others, and Conflict Management and Resolution:

Developing self-awareness, increased understanding of others, and effective non-verbal communication skills.

Working with Clients and Their Families: Recognizing that each client is an individual and a whole person, and discussing the difference between a professional relationship and a personal one

Caring About Culture and Diversity: Describing how culture may affect communication, family organization, religious convictions, and perceptions about illness and healthcare

Client Care: Planning, Processing, Reporting, and Recording: Explaining why observation is an important part of the Healthcare Assistant’s role

Managing Stress, Time, and Problems: Describing how stress can affect all dimensions of life

  • Program: Healthcare Programs

  • Course Aim: Students will acquire various communication skills.

  • Of interest to: Those actively pursuing Health Care Assistant training as part of their life-long career journey, and to provide the opportunity for students to develop the skills required to provide personal support services to clients and their families, and residents in the community, at home, and in long-term care facilities and institutions.

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