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Healthcare is in high demand 

With the aging population, the tremendous increase in technology, and our demand for the best quality of life, the healthcare industry is facing a growing shortage of well-trained personnel. Additionally, healthcare workers themselves are aging and retiring, creating a strong demand for qualified young job seekers. Throughout the North American healthcare industry, there is an acute need to increase the size of the workforce, as well as to raise the skill level of that workforce. 

Due to the high demand for professionals in the healthcare industry, careers in healthcare are some of the most lucrative options for all job seekers. The pay in the health care industry is relatively higher than many other industries and is continuing to grow. Not only can a career in Healthcare lead you to a professional success, it can also bring you great monetary benefits in a rewarding and flexible work environment. Additionally, there are numerous opportunities for potential growth and promotion in this field. Professionals are able to move toward other related fields in healthcare or get promoted and proceed further into their specialized fields.

Opportunities are available for all education and experience levels 

No matter what kind of degrees or diplomas you have in hand, there are always a number of job opportunities for you in the field of healthcare. Jobs that require a general education diploma are in just as much demand as the ones that require a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

For occupations such as medical receptionist, medical office assistant, addiction workers or health unit coordinator, candidates with a vocational school training diplomas are highly welcomed to enter the field. Whether you have a GED or a PhD, there is always an exciting healthcare career available to you.


Numerous financial support in education and training

If you’re looking to get into the healthcare field, you can actually get your education and training paid for. Due to the drastically increasing need for healthcare professionals, staffing shortages and turn-over are very common in the industry. Many healthcare employers such as hospitals, medical clinics, research facilities or other medical facilities are willing to sponsor the education and training of their current or future employees. There are also a variety of government-funded and employer-funded scholarships that healthcare candidates can apply to cover their educational costs.

In the healthcare industry, further education is always encouraged and mostly sponsored by employers in order to have their employees trained and skilled with the latest medical technologies and the most up-to-date procedures. The majority of medical organizations provide training for their employees to help establish professional growth and skill enhancements.

Flexible Working Hours

Unlike the traditional 9-5 schedule for most jobs, healthcare professionals tend to have more flexible and uncommon work schedules. Although some may think that healthcare professionals often work on unusual schedules, it is a fact that flexible working hours are more common in healthcare industry than any other fields. For many medical assistant occupations, their schedules revolve around the physicians’ operational hours, which means their working schedule entirely depend on the hours scheduled by patients. Many medical occupations also allow professionals to work part-time or full-time, with even more flexibility. Many hospitals, medical clinics, and healthcare facilities offer services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows medical professionals to work different hours depending on their personal schedules; and it’s also very common for them to switch shifts with coworkers when needed.


Contribution to the Community

Unlike many jobs that do not bring employees the sentimental and moral satisfaction they need, careers in healthcare offer rich opportunities for leadership, personal growth and community service. Not only does healthcare make you a satisfying wage, it also nurtures your compassion in helping those in need.

Regardless of their position, every healthcare professional is devoted to making sure patients receive the proper care; they serve in situations that many could not handle and they make a difference in other people’s lives. With a career in healthcare, you’ll become the go-to person whenever a friend or family member needs medical advice; you’ll receive the satisfaction of helping others and make a positive impact on the future of healthcare; and you’ll help make a difference in the treatment of diseases as well as the progress of modern medical researches. As the largest career college in Canada, Academy of Learning has been changing lives since 1987. You can be anything that you dreamed to be, and we’re here to help make your dream come true! Browse our program listing by province and discover the best healthcare career for you!