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Businesses rely heavily on technology to operate on a daily basis, which is why Information Technology (IT) is one of the fastest-growing industries with opportunities available across nearly every business sector. So, it should come as no surprise to you that IT graduates often find employment quickly and a long-term career.

Look at it this way, you wouldn’t buy a car without an engine, so a business wouldn’t invest in technology without hiring a professional IT support team. Why? Because without one it just won’t work. Long gone are the days where ‘turning it off and on again’ was the all-encompassing technical solution. Nowadays, with the unpredictability of sophisticated operating systems, hard drives and the cloud, the demand for IT graduates has never been greater. At Academy of Learning Career College, we offer a range of programs to help students of all abilities get their foot in the door and get to grips with the fast-paced and rewarding world of IT support.

PC Support Specialist Diploma

Skilled PC support specialists are in great demand in today’s highly skilled environment. Virtually all organizations with multiple computers require the skills of PC support specialists. This program prepares students to deal with the problems they may encounter when supporting personal computers in an office environment. It provides in-depth knowledge of both computer hardware and software and prepares students to take the A+ certification exam. Students will graduate with practical hands-on experience in trouble shooting computer problems and assembling a computer.

The anticipated salary for a PC support specialist ranges anywhere between $33,445 to $70,889. 

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Information Technology Technician Diploma

As with the PC Support Specialist Diploma, IT technicians are also in high demand in today’s environment. Academy of Learning’s Information Technology Technician Diploma equips students with the skills to address problems they may encounter when supporting personal computers in an office environment. It provides an in-depth knowledge of both computer hardware and software and prepares students to take the CompTIA A+, Network+, Server+ and Security+ certification exams. Students also gain practical, hands-on experience in troubleshooting computer problems, computer assembly, repair and networking.

The expected salary of the IT technician can range anywhere between $31,135 to $60,587.

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Network Administrator Diploma

With recent studies indicating strong growth in IT jobs, especially for skilled computer and network operators, the Network Administration Diploma is the ideal program for anyone looking to become a local area network technician, hardware installation coordinator or network administrator. This program provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to plan, install, provide routine control and manage exceptional situations concerning quality communications network services in an information system. Academy of Learning helps prepare students on this program for the typical day-to-day tasks of a network administrator, such as the onsite administrative support for software users in a range of work environments, including professional offices, small businesses, government and corporations.

The expected salary of a network administrator is between $39,447 to $81,618.

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Help Desk Support Analyst Diploma 

Academy of Learning’s Help Desk Support Analyst Diploma is perfect for anyone who wants to help resolve customers’ technical problems remotely via email, phone or social media. This program ensures students are equipped with all the skills and knowledge needed to support users of computer systems and software applications. It also provides in-depth knowledge of evaluating, configuring, and troubleshooting communications hardware, software, and operating systems. Graduates of this program will find career opportunities with computer hardware manufacturers and retailers, software manufacturers, and within call centers and IT departments throughout the private and public sectors.

The anticipated salary for a help desk support analyst ranges between $31,809 to $61,038. 

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Computer Service Technician Diploma 

This program helps students to deal with the problems they may encounter when servicing

personal computers. The Computer Service Diploma is excellent for passionate people who enjoy problem-solving and working with technology. The program provides in-depth learning about computer hardware through practical hands-on experience through allowing students to troubleshoot computer problems and assemble computers. Graduates of this program will find opportunities working as bench technicians for small to medium-sized PC or electronics companies as well as large PC-related manufacturing operations. They may also find positions in computer sales and service.

The anticipated salary for a computer service technician can range anywhere between $29,026 – $63,697.

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An Academy of Learning diploma is one of the most prestigious diplomas you can complete from one of the world’s most highly regarded training organizations. So, if you’re interested in a great career in the IT support sector, why not consider booking an appointment with your local Academy of Learning to hit the reboot button?