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Does Microsoft still have the final Word in resume writing?
Not everyone can access the full Microsoft Office suite, especially on a student budget.
So what are employers looking for today, and can you create a killer resume without learning Microsoft Word?

How Google Docs Became the New Microsoft Word

The resume writing tools of Google Docs are gaining popularity for one big reason: they are FREE. Google has streamlined the process of resume writing tools by giving users access to thousands of templates.
All you have to do is search “resume” and you will be able to click “preview” and look at each template before you decide which one is right for you.
You simply select a template, and then you’re able to start editing and inserting your information. After you have completed your resume, you can save it to Google Drive. You will be able to find your document at For a more detailed explanation on how to use Drive for resume building, learn more at How-To Geek.

E-Resume Formats to Convince Your Future Employer

There are many ways to deliver your resume to employers, but one of the most common requests will be via email or online submission.  An electronic resume, or e-resume, is a very broad term that covers many types of resumes. How you plan to distribute your resume depends on how you will format it.

Formatted Resumes

This is the traditional type of resume created in word processing applications. Microsoft Word is the most widely used and you are advised to use it for that reason. At the same time, other programs let you save a file as a .doc (the default Word document type) and your resume will look professional. However, it’s important to note that the document created outside of Word may not render properly if opened in a program other than Word. For example, the carefully chosen spacing may be off.
File extensions for formatted resumes are .docx and .doc. If possible, save your document as a .doc file and not .docx, since not all users can open that file extension.
You will use this type of resume at career fairs or in interview situations, where you will print it out and hand to prospective employers. This type of resume is known for being visually appealing, and is the go-to method when delivering your resume in means other than electronic, because it will print out properly.

Text Resumes

Also known as plain text resumes, this is the format preferred when submitting electronically. All formatting is stripped in this form, it carries a .txt file extension and is not visually pleasing, but that is not necessary since its main purpose is to be entered in the databases large employers use when searching for qualified interviewees.
This format is virtually impenetrable by viruses and is compatible across computer platforms. Very versatile, it can be used for posting on job boards, pasting into the body of emails to employers and converting to web-based HTML resumes.

Web Resumes

This resume is one of the best in today’s technology buzzing world.  You can post your resume online, where potential employers can view it 24 hours a day. With the many web-hosting services that offer free web space, you can easily send traffic to your resume.
You can then expand this to a web portfolio where your skills can be viewed by businesses whom you might not have sought out on your own.

Need Education to Pad Your Resume?

Today, Microsoft Word isn’t always affordable on a student budget, and with as many options available to you for free, you are doing yourself an injustice by not exploring them.
Of course, the problem may not be your format. If your skills are out of date, or not-quite-there, going back to school may be necessary to give you the edge over other candidates.
Before you get concerned that returning to school is a hassle, consider this: Academy of Learning College provides high quality education for students of all ages, who have a variety of work and life commitments that need to be balanced with their education.
Learn more about the programs we offer across Canada, or if you wanted to master Microsoft Office, you could do that, too.  Contact us for any questions you have about training or preparing for your career, and let us help you succeed!