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If working with technology interests you, becoming a computer technician might be the perfect job for you. A computer technician is someone who installs, analyzes, repairs and maintains many different types of computer equipment, or may specialize in working on networks or servers. Technology is constantly evolving, therefore, a technician should always stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends in order to stay sharp in the industry. In this role, you’ll work with hardware, software, networking, peripherals, and more. Your exact duties depend on the job you take after completing your computer technician education.

What does a Computer Technician do?

As a computer technician, you will deal with all manner of computer problems: software installations and removal, hardware upgrades and machine set-up. You’re also be responsible for network set-up, configuration and security. 
Your standard computer technician training will prepare you for a number of tasks including troubleshooting computers that aren’t working correctly, installing updates and new software, connecting peripherals, building network connections, repairing computer hardware, configuring computers for the end user, providing user support, making hardware and software recommendations, and many more.

Computer Technician Work

Where does a Computer Technician Work?

Your career path options as a computer technician depend on where you work. Lots of different types of employers hire computer technicians. Some computer technicians work with smaller companies as the sole computer technician, doing wider ranges of tasks. Other computer technicians work as part of a team, specializing in specific tasks.
If you are interested in solving problems and fixing issues, consider working for a computer repair service. If you rather build new computers or work in sales, then retail locations might be better options for you. If you like diversity in daily tasks, working for a small business where technology is important for daily operations may be suitable or you. If you enjoy verbal communication as well as flexibility, you could also consider remote computer technician work, where you operate a customer service hotline and work with individuals via phone or Internet to solve computer problems. From commercial cooperation’s, educational institutes, non-for-profit organizations, to hospitals, community centres, and government offices, everyone organization works with computer technicians, so you have a wide variety of work environment to choose from with this career field.

Computer Technician Education

Computer Technician Education

At Academy of Learning, we have a professional designed computer technician program that prepares students to address the problems they may encounter when servicing personal computers. It provides in-depth knowledge of computer hardware. Students will have practical, hands-on experience in troubleshooting computer problems and assembling a computer. This program prepares students to take the CompTIA A+, Network+, and Server+ certification exams.
Graduates of this program will find opportunities working as bench technicians for small- to medium-sized PC or electronics companies, as well as large PC-related manufacturing operations. They may also find positions in computer sales and service. After some experience, they may wish to open their own computer repair service.
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