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A great routine is the key to being successful when taking an adult education course. Not only can a routine help you become more proactive, but it also improves your focus, organization, and productivity. So, here is Academy of Learning Career College’s top five tips on creating a routine when studying.

1. Make a great to-do list

It seems such a simple solution but writing down a list of tasks you want to complete each day is a great way to prioritize jobs. A good to-do list provides a clear outline of what you need to do each day and will help you be more productive, improve memory and help your motivation because as you tick each one off your list, your confidence will increase.

2. Block out time for studying

Blocking your day into chunks is a great way to help you to stop multitasking (which inevitably leads to things never being completed to their best as your focus is split). Time blocking will help you to plan how your day will look. So, when it comes to your work time you can avoid procrastination because you’ve got your other tasks out of the way earlier in the day. This ultimately will lower your stress levels and help you sleep better because you know you did your work when you were supposed to!

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3. Find the best study space possible

There’s no doubt that students need a comfortable, safe and friendly learning environment when taking an adult education course. A good study space helps you to complete work with fewer interruptions from others and have easy access to tutors. It also gives you the chance to work around like-minded individuals. At Academy of Learning, we pride ourselves on providing campuses with no intimidating classrooms or overly competitive atmospheres, helping students to thrive!

4. Split your study routine into two daily sessions if you need to

Don’t feel guilty if you can’t fit all your learning into just one time of the day. We all lead busy lives, so days are often split by things that randomly come up, meetings, and other distractions. In fact, breaking your studying into bite-sized chunks is a fantastic way to learn and memorize more effectively and avoid stressing yourself. By separating elements of your program into blocks throughout the day, information becomes more palatable and easier to retain and recall.

5. Trust the process and stick to the plan

If you’re one of those people that finds it extremely hard, or even impossible, to study then the likelihood is you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. Learning is so much more than just writing notes. If you follow these tips and give yourself realistic deadlines, avoid distractions, and schedule time to socialize, your studying will be a success.

Remember, the most challenging part of creating any routine is sticking with it, even when you don’t feel like it. Soon enough, it will become a habit… and that’s when you’ll reap the rewards.

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