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As companies move their advertising efforts online, they rely on the expertise of highly skilled professionals to help their brand stand out and get noticed. In order to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology and changing trends, these employers need skilled web design professionals with up-to-date training.
But even though demand for design grads is growing, landing your first job after graduation can still feel like a daunting task. Many students worry about how to build up their professional network, showcase their work to prospective employers, and land those first few contracts to get the ball rolling.
If you’re looking to land a job in web design after graduation, follow these four tried and tested ways to transition smoothly from student to working professional.

Jumpstart Your Career in Web Design with a Stellar Online Portfolio

Employers regularly research candidates online before making a decision about which web designers to interview, hire, or contact about a freelance contract.
Because online portfolios are such a vital part of career success in web design, Academy of Learning College (AOLC) trains students on how best to showcase their work online.
In their web design course on portfolio design, students at AOLC learn everything from selecting the right pieces to making their promotional website easy to navigate.
They graduate with an online portfolio already completed, ready to shine when potential employers search out their work online.

Use Social Media to Build Your Online Presence after Web Design College

It is vital that web design grads use social media to market themselves, showcase their work, and build a network of professional connections.
In the Job Search and Resume Writing course, AOLC instructors teach students how to jumpstart their career in web design by building an effective online presence, connecting with companies online, and other useful job search skills.


Craft the Perfect Cover Letter, Resume, & Prepare for Interviews

A good web design college will teach students the technical skills they need to excel at their future job. A great college, however, will take that training one step further by teaching students how to represent themselves well before and during a job interview.
AOLC always includes resume and cover letter-writing in their curriculum so web design students – in addition to their online portfolio – will have the tools they need to impress employers and land those important first meetings.
Web design courses also include Thought Patterns for a Successful Career, a class that helps students adopt a positive mindset, and build the self-confidence they need to search out and secure a great job. Topics covered include:

  • Increasing discipline and self-esteem
  • Learning persistence and high achieving skills
  • Making a smooth transition from student to professional


Maintain Your Career in Web Design by Keeping Up with New Trends

As you complete your web design courses at Academy of Learning College, you’ll gain cutting-edge training in the latest software as well as emerging design trends. But, as with any tech-based career, trends and best practices change quickly. A font or design motif that is popular today may be outdated a year or two from now.
In order to stay current and maintain a thriving career, it’s important to keep an eye on what is, and what is no longer, trending in your field. Bookmark a few great blogs by design pros you can trust. Follow designers you admire on social media. Attend trade shows in your local area. Not only are these great opportunities for professional growth, they’re also good ways to grow your network.
What other tips do you think students can use to land their first design job after graduation?