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While finding work in a new industry can be difficult sometimes, finding a job in the hospitality industry doesn’t have to be as hard. The hospitality industry consist of thousands of competitive companies including hotels, resorts, restaurants, food services, fast food, coffee shops, pubs, bars, nightclubs, casinos and many other businesses; there are always new demand needs to be filled with new recruits. 

Hospitality is an industry that offers a exciting and unique work environment as well as a sociable and dynamic working life. The increasing growth in the service industry brings more than enough room for anyone who wants a slice of the pie, whether your passion is in the front-line roles such as waitress and event coordinator, or management positions such as hotel or casino manager. Also, if you’re not too fond of a traditional 9 to 5 schedule, a career in hospitality can give you the variety and diversity you seek for. This industry rewards the hard-working and dedicated with wonderful opportunities, and career progression is often quicker than other industries. Here are some tips to get your foot in the door in hospitality: 

Start with entry-level positions

Although your dream job may be a head waiter at a world-renowned fine dining restaurant, but it might seem quite impossible if you’ve never had much experience in serving food. It’s great to dream big, but you have to start small, especially if you’re a newcomer to the industry. You might not want to wash dishes or clean hotel rooms all day long, but these positions can definitely help get you through the door, and start working your way up from there. For most entry level positions in hospitality, you should be able to find work no matter what your education level is. 

Not having a work history might seem like a barrier. However, the significantly high demand in service doesn’t allow many employers to be too picky when hiring entry level positions. Jobs in the hospitality industry tend to have a high turnover rate, so as long as you can show your employer that you’re an honest, hardworking employee, you should be able to get a promotion in no time. Other than looking for available positions on the Internet, you should get out on the street and check for “help wanted” signs on restaurant of hotel windows to increase your chance.

Try seasonal work

With a high turn-over rate and increasing demand, the hospitality industry hires around 15 percent of all seasonal workers. The majority of the seasonal work opportunities in hospitalist industry comes with a lower hiring standard and a higher volume; which means this is a perfect window for you to test out your skills, your passion, and find out what kind of positions are your true fit. The longer that you’re available to work, the higher your chances are of landing a permanent full-time job. Individuals who can work the whole season are usually given preference. 

39 percent of employers were planning to keep some of their seasonal workers on as permanent staff according to the statistics that the Chicago Tribune collected in 2012. This is up almost 10 percent from the year before, so if this trend continues, you could have a permanent full-time or part-time job in the hospitality industry before you know it.  Some jobs may qualify for work study credits for those pursuing a degree or diploma in the hospitality industry.

Widen your search area

Don’t only look for jobs in your hometown. In fact, you can widen your search web to your whole province and even the entire country. Plenty of employers such big brand resorts, restaurant, and especially hotels, hire workers from all over the country. You’d think that getting a job at a national park or international resort hotel hundred miles away is more difficult than finding work in your own postal code, but this may not be the case. Places like Yellowstone National Park and Casino de Montréal need so many people all year round that they even hire individuals from abroad to work during the busiest seasons. 

It can be fairly easy to get hired at these large leisure and vacation destinations, but there are other reasons to work there too. For instance, you’ll be able to explore a new place without paying for a vacation, and some employers even provide food and accommodations. More importantly, with all the practical skills you can acquire from these big brand establishments and the precious working experience you could gain from here, your next recruiter will look at you differently. To get your foot in the door, you should be willing to take any job that’s available. There are many ways to find a job in the hospitality industry, but being flexible is the most effective way to gain employment.

Address your lack of experience wisely

Most workers worry about their lack of experience when finding jobs in a new industry. If you bluntly admit your lack experience in your first interview by saying, “I’m a laid-off office assistant and I’ve never worked in a hotel before,” you may have difficulty getting hired. However, if you emphasize the applicable skills you’ve gleaned in your previous professional experience and the ways you can use them in your new role, employers will be less reluctant to give you a chance.

Don’t dwell on your past career path; acknowledge it, state your intention to make a change, and describe the ways you plan to transition what you’ve learned from your past work experiences into your new hospitality career. Try to present your past experiences and skills in relation to the current job responsibilities, it’s up to you to shape your past story to assist your current career development. Study the requirements for the position you’re applying for and make your current skills as relevant to it as possible. 

Show your dedication

If you’re dedicated to fostering a new career path in the hospitality industry, you’re expected to walk extra miles to make up for what you lack in experience with hands-on old-fashioned hard work. Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to prove your determination; deliver more than expected, ask questions and chase for answers, show your improvement. Look into educational programs, internships, training opportunities—anything that will give you an edge against the more experienced candidates you will likely be competing against.

Employers are already taking a leap of faith when they decided to give you a shot at your dream. It will be very difficult to get another chance if you lack not only experience, but commitment to your new industry. Don’t be afraid to take every step possible to demonstrate your dedication and handwork for your dream job!

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