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It pays to go back to school. In today’s marketplace, a college diploma can open doors to a more rewarding career, a promotion in your current field, and opportunities for improved financial security for you and your family.
But with so many training institutions to choose from, how do you verify that a particular career college or program is right for you?
Here are four key things you can look for to ensure the college you choose will help you transition back to school, and into a career you’ll love.

1. Academic Counselling and Personalized Instruction

To make sure you don’t waste time, tuition, and effort you may want academic counselling to help map out a study path and career plan. The best career colleges have supportive, knowledgeable advisors who will help you match your professional goals with the most appropriate training program.
And once you’re on the right track and enrolled, the college should provide plenty of personalized instruction and encouraging learning support. Instructors will prioritize your goals, helping you master unfamiliar skills and learn new technologies at your own pace. This way, you’ll build the practical knowledge and confidence you’ll need to land a great job in your field after graduation.
Just take a look at your top choice’s testimonials section to see what alumni have to say about their learning experience at the school.

2. A College with a Track Record & Solid Reputation

When employers look at the education and training section of your CV, they’re not just scanning the skills you developed – they’re also looking at the college you attended to learn those skills. Diplomas from recognized and respected institutions carry more weight than credentials from unknown schools.
If a school has a strong reputation and track record, employers can trust that grads will have what it takes to hit the ground running in a new position. For example, Academy of Learning College is known for keeping its programs up to date with changing industry trends, providing skills training that matches what today’s employers need most.
So, whether you’re looking for a healthcare college or hoping to launch an accounting career, it’s important to verify that the school you choose will equip you with the most in-demand knowledge and skills.
And don’t forget to look for that official seal of approval: make sure your school has membership in the National Association of Career Colleges, and certification by its respective provincial government.

3. Flexible Class Options to Suit your Busy Schedule

Let’s say you’re considering attending a business college, but concern about managing classes around your busy schedule is holding you back from applying.
All you need to do is ensure you choose a career college that lets you learn at your own pace. Flexible scheduling options and online learning tools will help you balance school work with family responsibilities, full-time work, and other obligations.
For example, AOLC’s Integrated Learning System offers students a range of on and offline learning options, and if you have to miss a class? No worries. You can simply arrange to attend that same class at a later time. Plus, you can start your training at any time with AOLC’s continuous enrollment policy.

4. Industry Connections to Launch Your Career

Good career colleges help their students land employment right after graduation. But the best career colleges go the extra mile to give new grads a head start by offering networking opportunities and job-hunting skills.
Academy of Learning College has a partnership with People-to-Go (PTG), a company that connects career hopefuls with businesses looking for new hires. AOLC students across Canada can even meet with PTG coordinators who point them toward jobs in their field, from office administration and information technology, to healthcare and beyond. On top of this, AOLC offers comprehensive career success courses for each and every student.
If your chosen career college can boast these four attributes, then you’re well on your way to the brand new career – and the brighter future – you deserve!
Are you interested in earning a college diploma? Visit Academy of Learning College for more information or to speak with an advisor.