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There are many ways in which your adult education journey can be enabled without financial burden or stress. If you’re looking to re-engage in education, but have been concerned about financial costs, look no further. Academy of Learning Career College’s qualified admission representatives can help you explore a range of funding options including payment plans, loans and provincial assistance and sponsorships.

Academy of Learning Career College has been Canada’s recognised leader in private adult education for over 30 years. Unlike other programs, our courses are flexible, study is self-paced and you can access learning coaches to support you every step of the way. Our encouraging learning environment empowers dedicated students to achieve their goals.

We promise our students that we will meet your unique training needs. We provide a high-quality learning experience, have a genuine concern for your career success and want you to improve your productivity. Our caring and knowledgeable staff are here to help at any point of your adult education journey and for many prospective students, that begins with finding the funding option that is best suited to them.

Finding the funding option for you

Academy of Learning’s admissions representatives can help you find the funding option that is right for you. Admissions representatives will work with you to create a customized plan. This plan will be tailored to you, to ensure that your learning experience is as seamless as possible.

Our admissions representatives will also work with you to arrange a payment plan, help you explore options from provincial assistance, or consider if sponsorship may be available from your current employer or outside agencies.

We can provide you with additional information and help you plan to fund your education. This planning and support assures stress-free learning and avoidance of student loan defaults where funds have been borrowed.

The big sources of funding available

Education is provincially regulated in Canada, therefore depending on where you live, the available funding programs will vary. Some common ways Academy of Learning adult learners fund or finance their education are:

Government student loans

  • Government student loans that may come along with various grants, such as a living allowance. Depending on your location and, in the event that you qualify, a grant does not need to be paid back and is considered separate from the loan.
  • Some provinces have programs specific to making it easier and faster for laid-off workers to access training by providing funding. For example, Ontario has the Second Career program. People laid off in sectors impacted by COVID-19 in 2020 may be able to benefit from recent changes to this program imminently. Potential students may qualify for up to $28,000 to pay for tuition fees and expenses such as books, living expenses, help caring for dependents and travel.
  • Veterans or soon-to-be-discharged military personnel may be funded by dedicated military funding programs.

Workman’s Compensation Board (WCB)

  • Also called Workman’s Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) in some provinces – as well as private insurance companies. If you have been injured so that your ability to perform your old job has been impacted and you are receiving/attempting to receive benefits from an insurance provider, contact your case worker to ask about re-training for a new career. When somebody is injured on the job, these organizations pay out disability instalments. They have an interest in getting clients back to work, which means they will sometimes fund training programs.

Indigenous groups fund eligible band members

  • The BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centre provides financial assistance through the Post-Secondary Student Support Program. Aboriginal Learning Links is a web portal that provide resources for Aboriginal learners wishing to pursue or continue college or university studies in British Columbia.
  • Also through the Post-Secondary Support Program, many post-secondary institutions offer licenced childcare services
  • Special programs of funding are available for sector-specific training through provincial organizations such as WorkBC. WorkBC also supply the ‘BC’s Career Guide for Indigenous people’ to support career planning journeys, all the way from exploration to success on the job. The guide also includes a list of Indigenous community-based services and organizations that work on education and employment.

How to make the most of funding opportunities

No matter the level of funding you are eligible for, an Academy of Learning local campus means there’s no need to worry about relocation fees or commuting costs. When studying a self-paced course, students can work part time or even full time which can further reduce the financial load.

Whether you’re looking to further your current career or have found yourself out of work and aren’t quite sure what step to take next, you can commit to investing in yourself with an Academy of Learning program of study. Deciding what adult education program is right for you can be difficult, but with so many avenues of funding available, alongside the flexibility when studying a self-paced course, there’s no better time to consider beginning your Academy of Learning journey.

Seize the day

Academy of Learning’s goal is to change the lives of our students. If you’re looking for a change in career, or simply to re-engage in the world of education, there is financial support available to ensure a stress-free, enjoyable adult education experience. To find out what support options are available to you, why not contact an Academy of Learning Career College admissions representative today?