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The goal of becoming more productive and efficient at work is a worthwhile quest. Learning how to improve your work productivity can boost all aspects of your job. By doing so, you will feel more satisfied with your work, have more time, and feel in control of tasks.

Most people don’t think about their typing speed or its impact on their productivity and careers. But if you’re still plucking away slowly at your keyboard, it’s time to consider boosting your typing skills with keyboard skill building at Academy of Learning Career College.

Among a few other skills, fast typing speed is one of the top ways to improve work productivity and open up career opportunities. Especially, as the world moves forward with rapid improvements and greater use of technology.

AOLCC also offers career training with over 30 +different diploma and certificate programs. So, if you wish to join a new job field, or grow in your current position, training can help you. Our course offerings include not only keyboarding skills, but also the necessary skills for many career fields.

Now, let’s take a look at how you can improve your work efficiency and save time.

Ways to Improve Work Efficiency

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Learning tips to improve work efficiency can help improve your career in many ways. First of all, the more efficient you are, the more time you save and the better quality work you turn in. It also has the added benefit of giving you a better work experience.

With that said, here are a few of the top proven ways to improve efficiency, and tips to help you implement them:

Focus on One Task at a Time

Our brains aren’t meant to multitask, and studies have proven it! Earl Keith Miller, a neuro scientist, has concluded that humans are not able to multitask well, even if they believe they can. According to his advice, if you focus on completing one task at a time, you will be able to improve accuracy and creativity on the given task.

So how can you get into this mindset? For one, take away distractions when you want to get work done. (This includes social media and related distractions.) Second, if you are feeling unfocused while working on a task, take a quick break and move around. Third, try to work in intervals. According to Miller’s research, if you can set a timer to work for just 10 minutes on a single task, this is better than multitasking for 30 minutes.

Set Small Goals to Stay Organized

Having one large task ahead of you can seem daunting. Instead, you should break this large task down into smaller tasks. This will make your work load more manageable. It also helps to keep track of the tasks that you need to get done. This way, you stay organized with the tasks at hand.

Although many times, we think we will remember something and don’t need to write it down, this is not the case. You can organize your to-do list on a calendar or on the computer. There are many useful tools online to help with workflows and planning. Having a to-do list will help you remember all the tasks you need to do, and help you prioritize as well.

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Improve Your Typing Skills and Save Hours of Time

The number one way you can improve work efficiency is simply by keyboard skill-building training. Typing is a key skill in the workforce, but can be neglected. As technology increases, this skill has become even more important. In North America, the average person spends just over seven hours on a computing device. And those statistics have gone up during the pandemic.

An average two finger typist, with a speed of 10 words per minute, will type a 170-wordsection in about 17 minutes. A touch typist, on the other hand, typing at an average 60 words per minute, can type the same section in around 4 minutes. Cumulatively, fast typers save hours of time that would be wasted. And the quicker you are, the more you can get done and the more time you free up.

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There are many different ways of typing, but one of the best ways is touch typing. This method refers to using a keyboard without looking at the letters on the keys. In other words, by training your brain to memorize where all the keys are so, you can type without watching the keyboard.

You can gain a foundation in typing with an introduction to typing course. If you already have a foundation but want to improve your skills, there are courses for that, too.

Benefits of Fast Typing Speed

One of the best skills in today’s workplace is fast typing speed. It’s beneficial in any industry, and it’s a skill that holds several advantages, such as:

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Career advancement

As technology advances in all industries, those that want to get ahead in their organizations and careers will need fast typing skills. Employers seek candidates that can complete jobs quickly and accurately. Typing skills also demonstrate to employers that you have discipline, focus, and value efficiency.

Time saver

Fast typing speed saves you time. Compared to writing, fast keyboard typing cuts down on the time it takes to complete a task. The average typist hits between 38 wpm and 40 wpm, and if you double that speed, you will get work done twice as fast! Developing your typing skills means your work efficiency will also improve.

Critical Communication

Electronic communication is vital no matter what job you have. Further, fast keyboard typing ensures you send your message quickly, and the sender understands what is happening. Thus, it boosts work productivity and can help prevent disaster in some scenarios.


Your typing skills also play a role in cultivating focus skills. Good typists can do so without looking at their screens to see what they are writing. It becomes automatic. And the process helps you to focus better as you’re not distracted by watching the keyboard to see what you are typing. Rather, you’ll be thinking more about what you’re trying to say.

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Improved posture

Typing training also helps you learn more about proper posture when sitting at your desk. Using your typing skills, you’ll be able to reduce the stress on your body while working.

Reduce tiredness

It can be stressful constantly checking to see what you’re writing, and you can get tired faster if you’re always looking down at the keyboard to find the letters you need to type. Fast typing speed training will also reduce how exhausted you are at the end of your day.


One study found that fast typists also make fewer mistakes. That means that those with fast typing speeds will be more productive and accurate in their work.

Jobs that Require Fast Typing

Fast keyboard typing is essential in every industry as much of our work and lives revolve around computers, keyboards, and digital communication. Here are just a few of the jobs that require fast typing:


Working in an office on the support or administration team can be fast-paced. In this career field, you need to be able to create documents, reports, and other files quickly with no mistakes. At AOLCC, you can train to work in several administrative positions. Including as an an administrative assistant or work in office administration.

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Customer support

Those in customer support jobs need to be able to type quickly to help customers resolve their issues. Many organizations have been offering support via email or chats. The faster you can type in this position, the better you’ll be able to help customers solve their problems. Customer support training gives you a foundation in typing and other vital skills, to help your resume standout.

Legal assistants

Lawyers and law firms rely on legal assistants to create documents for clients and courts. So having fast typing speed and accuracy ensures that attorneys and their clients get the information and files they need for their cases. You can train for several jobs to become involved in this sector, including immigration administrative assistant, or a legal administrative assistant.

Medical transcription

Medical office assistants or transcriptionists help health care professionals by creating documents and notes based on audio files. Therefore, they need to have fast typing skills so they can transcribe the information quickly and accurately as patients’ healthcare is at stake.

Graphic designer

Being a graphic designer may not be as text-heavy as other jobs, but you should still have a good command of the keyboard. As a graphic designer, fast typing speed comes in handy by allowing you to quickly and efficiently create, edit, and alter your designs.

fast typing skills in healthcare

Web designer/developer

Creating websites requires you to be quick and accurate on the keyboard. When you are not distracted by looking back and forth from the screen to the keyboard, you can focus more on the creative aspects of the job. If you are looking to enter this career, you can also study web design and software and web developer training.


Tracking student performances, creating individual education plans, keeping in touch with parents and preparing lessons are all vital parts of being a teacher. And they all require strong typing skills. Most teachers need to be able to type quickly as they have a large number of students they need to keep track of and report on.

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Typing speed is vital to any writing career. In fact, good copywriters work hard to develop their fast keyboard typing. It helps them to write a lot of content accurately. Keyboard skill building and typing training will help writers get up to speed so they can consistently put out copy.

There are so many different jobs that require you to have fast typing skills. Because you never know what the future will hold, why not open up your opportunities by improving your typing speed?

Speedy Keys in Canada

One other reason you’ll want to improve your typing speed is that we’re searching for the fastest typist in Canada! Think you have what it takes to beat out all of the competitors?

AOLCC wants to see your keyboarding speed. So test your speed and test again throughout the competition to stay on top. Then, challenge your coworkers and friends and let’s see who has the speediest keys!

Do you want to learn the skills you need for a new career or career change? Check out our list of over 30 + available diploma and certificate programs. Or, contact us to get started today!