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Become an administration professional with Academy of learning

Administration professionals are the lifeblood of any organization. Think about it, would James Bond really have been so successful without Moneypenny? Would Dunder Mifflin have been able to cope without Pam Beesly? Could Iron Man find the time to save the world without Pepper Potts? The answer is, of course, no. The fact of the matter is that every organization needs administration professionals. They are the people who keep the office running smoothly every day by always keeping on top of things, well informed, and organized. It’s safe to say that without administrative professionals, everyone else’s productivity would fall because many essential tasks just wouldn’t get done.

At Academy of Learning Careers College, we provide a number of world-class, industry-recognized, professional programs for people looking to take roles in administration. So, suppose you’re looking to change careers or develop your current skill set to step into the world of admin. In that case, Academy of Learning can help you pursue a variety of administration roles in a wide range of sectors.

Dental Administrative Assistant Diploma 

If your goal is to one day work in the dental industry or just the healthcare industry in general, this program is perfect for you. The Dental Administrative Assistant Diploma provides students with the basic knowledge, skills and work experience needed to become permanently employable in any medical setting, with special skills suited to working in a dental practice. The program equips graduates to work in various healthcare sectors such as walk-in care centers, dental practices, or daycare and ambulatory clinics.

Legal Administration Assistant Diploma 

Academy of Learning’s Legal Administration Assistant Diploma enables its graduates to possess the skills and knowledge to work in the legal sector under the direct supervision of a licensed lawyer. This program helps students learn invaluable knowledge regarding legal documents, the legal system and the ethical consideration of the legal profession. Graduates of this program can expect to develop a variety of office and keyboarding skills as well as the obvious legal abilities. Students who have graduated from the Legal Administration Assistant program have found work in law firms, record search companies, and legal departments throughout public and private sectors.

Business Administration Diploma

The Business Administration Diploma is designed to prepare students for the demands of today’s busy business environment. It exposes students to a vast array of business knowledge, administration management skills and practical tools that will assist them in dealing with situations within a business-related career. The program focuses on giving students the professional skills required by today’s employers, including knowledge of how businesses utilize technology, e-commerce, business correspondence, office procedures, project management and employment success strategies. Once this program is completed, graduates have the skills to find jobs in accounting and finance, marketing, production and operations, human resources and general administration.

Office Administration Diploma

The Office Administration Diploma is perfect for people who possess the required interest and motivation to work in a fast-paced administration role. The program prepares students to join the workforce at a professional level, which gives graduates a better chance to achieve their career goals in today’s fast-paced business environment. This program prepares students to work in office environments as corporate secretaries, executive assistants, office administrators and special assistants. Students who graduate this program don’t just get a diploma, they also get a sense of achievement and a foothold in an exciting administration career.

Payroll Administrator Diploma

Becoming a Payroll Administrator means you could find yourself working daily with large sums of money – no pressure. But, at Academy of Learning, we’ve got you covered. This program equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge required to perform payroll administrative duties in the payroll department and to apply payroll legislation. The skills students learn on this program prepare them for jobs such as benefit officers, pay and benefits administrators and salary administrators.

The program helps students with basic payroll practices and procedures. They are then eligible to apply to the National Payroll Institute (formerly The Canadian Payroll Association) for Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification upon successful completion of the program and one year of payroll experience. Students also develop skills and experience in word processing, spreadsheet applications, telephone communication skills, and performing a job search.

Just need a refresher?

Due to the ever-evolving technology in the business environment, Academy of Learning also provide a range of Microsoft bite-sized courses for those who just want to refresh their admin skills.

So, if you fancy yourself as the next Pepper Potts but with a little less emphasis on saving the world and more on helping your office run smoothly, why not consider one of our administration professional programs?