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If you’re looking for an in-demand career that offers good pay and the chance to make a difference, legal training might be the perfect fit for you.
There are many qualities that help legal assistants, paralegals, and law clerks excel in their field. They are typically detail-oriented, understand the area(s) of law in which they specialize, and can support the legal team with expert research and writing skills.
And while it’s true that college training is necessary to master many of the technical skills and theoretical knowledge required for this role, you might be surprised just how many soft skills are integral to the job as well.
Wondering if you’ve got the raw material to succeed in a legal career? Read on to discover some the fundamental abilities you should possess to consider training in this field.

1. You Have Integrity: A Core Value for Students in Legal Training

Ethics are an important part of legal work, which is why students with integrity and a strong sense of justice often gravitate toward careers in law.
If you value honesty, fairness, and care deeply about helping others, you might find that a legal career is the perfect way for you to make a difference in your community.
With high quality legal training, you’ll gain the theoretical and hands-on skills you’ll need to help promote justice and make positive change.


2. You Have Attention to Detail: An Important Trait for Future Legal Professionals

Are you good at spotting typos or noticing when something is out of place? Your meticulous nature and attention to detail might be a sign that you’re well suited to a legal career.
Legal assistants and paralegals are often asked to prepare and proof-read important documents. A legal brief or contract with missing information or errors could seriously disrupt a case. Lawyers rely on their team to ensure documentation and research is accurate, which is why detail-oriented assistants are considered a vital asset to any firm.

3. You Have Good People Skills: An Asset You’ll Hone in Legal Training

Some students considering a legal career might think that a previous job in customer service won’t be helpful in their new field – but that’s not really the case. The customer service and people skills you learn in previous jobs (or that you naturally have) can actually be a huge help in your legal career.
After completing your legal training in Alberta, for example, you might decide to work as a legal assistant at a local law firm. As a legal assistant, you’ll often act as a first point of contact for new clients. You may also assist several different lawyers and work on teams to complete case work.
Fundamentally, the legal professional is about ensuring justice is served- and that means communicating with both colleagues and clients in thoughtful, clear, and professional ways. If you’re a patient listener and a thorough, considerate communicator, you’ve got what it takes to master the interpersonal aspects of this job.


4. You Have Strong Writing Skills: A Useful Foundation for Your Legal Training

If you like reading, enjoy researching interesting facts online, and truly appreciate a well-worded email, you would be well suited to the daily duties of a legal assistant, law clerk, or paralegal.
After completing your legal training in Ontario, for example, you might assist a legal department preparing documents, reading through records as you conduct research, maintaining client files, and using your writing skills to communicate findings and compile reports for other members of your legal team.
The ability to express thoughts clearly in writing, effectively organize research, and pay attention to the finer details of expression are great assets for any legal professional.
College training will help you develop and refine those raw skills even further, building a solid foundation on which to build your own successful legal career.
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