Health Care Aide - Manitoba

The Health Care Aide Diploma is designed provide the knowledge and practical skills training required for an employment-ready trained graduate as a Health Care Aide. Students of the Health Care Aide Diploma Program will attain the knowledge and skills to provide services to people in their homes (community), or facilities with their daily needs and to optimize their independence. You will work individually with people and/or as part of the Health Care Team. Some tasks the Health Care Aide will perform are:
  • Personal Care – this includes bathing, elimination, grooming, dressing, assisting with mobility, etc.
  • Support for other team members – clean equipment, measure and report vital signs, assist with simple wound care, oxygen therapy, heat or cold applications, range-of-motion exercises, etc.
  • Family support – assisting with admissions and discharges, orientating the person and family to their new living environment, helping them unpack and settle in, etc.
  • Social support – helping the person participate in activities, i.e. recreation, organizing games and outings, etc.
  • Housekeeping/Home Management – in the persons home, housekeeping tasks may be performed such as making beds, light housekeeping, delivering meals, making meals, maintaining household supplies (shopping), laundry, etc.

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 or Mature student status.
  • Successful completion of entrance exam,
  • Good command of the English Language (written and oral). Student may be asked for proof of Canadian Language Benchmark. The minimum Benchmark is 6.
  • Clear Criminal Record Check
  • Up to date vaccinations
  • Clear Child Abuse Registry Check
  • Fitness to complete practical component


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