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Calgary North East

WELCOME! Academy of Learning College is very central in Calgary, located at 36th Street and Memorial Drive NE in the Northgate Mall. The Marlborough C-Train station is right out the door and ample parking is available. The college is in a vibrant location with food and shopping in both Northgate and Marlborough Mall. The diversity of the staff and students creates a great learning and social atmosphere.


Calgary North East

#260-495 36th Street NE, Calgary, AB T2A 6K3

Phone: (403) 569-8973
Fax: (403) 569-1085

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academy of learning college success stories

Rob Conci

"I am setting solid goals for my future life and career and Academy of Learning College has played a huge role in helping me get there.”

Alexis Adams

"I believe that my education at Academy of Learning College was a very fulfilling and important period in my life.”

Jordan Isaac

"The staff is very helpful in my studies, as well as in housing and work decisions.”
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