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For over 30 years, Academy of Learning Career College (or AOLCC) has been providing training programs in British Columbia to those eager to further their career. Our courses and diplomas are delivered through our Integrated Learning System, a one-of-a-kind, multisensory learning experience that puts students in charge of their own studying through workbooks, presentations and hands-on exercises. Students enjoy the full support of our Learning Coaches, who are always available to provide personalized guidance.

Why choose training courses with AOLCC?

  • Our British Columbia career training programs give your resume a competitive edge while granting access to a wider pool of job opportunities.
  • All of our courses are highly flexible, allowing you to easily fit career development into your schedule.
  • There are no semesters or school seasons at AOLCC. You can start your British Columbia career training as soon as you are ready.
  • Wherever you choose to study our courses, you can always count on the support of our friendly Learning Coaches to guide your learning journey.

Ways to study at AOLCC

Whether you want to study part-time or full-time, our flexible training courses in British Columbia are designed to fit around your schedule.

Our British Columbia campuses provide a comfortable and dedicated studying setting for all of our students. There are also trained Learning Coaches onsite at all times, who provide one-on-one assistance when required.

AOLCC Campuses in British Columbia

In total, we have 10 campuses spread across British Columbia, all of them offering a friendly and productive atmosphere for our students to thrive. Each campus is also easily accessible and close to amenities, ensuring your career training in British Columbia is not only successful but convenient, as well.

Find your local British Columbia campus to start your learning journey today.

Available training programs in British Columbia

At AOLCC, we pride ourselves on providing career-driven British Columbia training programs that get results.

For example, budding entrepreneurs can make the best professional start with our business training, while those who are interested in technology might like to expand their job prospects by taking one of our IT or Software and Web Development courses. There are also various health and wellness programs, for those who aspire to work in a healthcare setting.

Want to know more about our training programs in British Columbia? Just get in touch for a free, friendly career consultation with one of our training experts today or browse our course collection to find career training in British Columbia to suit you.

Why study with us?

Every year, Academy of Learning Career College helps thousands of students achieve their career goals. Our hands-on training and one-on-one support helps build confidence and skills that graduates need to break into today’s job market.

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One-on-one support is always available. Our trained Learning Coaches are on site at all times and provide academic support, motivation, and guidance.

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