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Faiza Khan Exceptional Student Of AOLCC

Meet Faiza Khan, an exceptional student at Academy of Learning Career College’s Bay & Queen, Ontario campus. Faiza shares, “I chose [AOLCC] on the recommendation of a dear friend, who was already in college. I am so lucky to listen to her and applied and got admission here[…]” She continues by adding how much AOLCC has taught her and is excited about her future, “[…] now I can see many changes in myself related to the updated education. I can see myself upgraded in just a few months and also looking forward to new challenges and opportunities as well.”

Her favorite part of attending AOLCC is the flexibility, as she explains, “My favorite part of this learning is online studies, that gives me a calm environment of ease of my own place… no rush to go to the college to submit my work, [or] to give an exam […]. It’s so feasible that whenever I get free time at home I can study and give my exams. I love it this way.”

AOLCC takes immense pride in helping Faiza’s reach her accomplishments, and she encourages anyone to join the college to experience the same transformative education. Unlock a world of opportunities with Academy of Learning Career College today!