Payroll Fundamentals

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Course Introduction

In the Payroll Fundamentals 1 + 2 course, students learn how to apply payroll legislation and calculate individual pay. This includes all components of individual pay from remuneration, through deductions, to net pay for both regular and non-regular situations. Students will have the content and skills to effectively communicate all aspects of the individual pay calculation process to external and internal stakeholders. This course is designed to provide the payroll student with the theory and knowledge required to:

  • Calculate regular individual net pay
  • Calculate non-regular individual pay
  • Calculate termination payments
  • Complete a Record of Employment
  • Communicate all aspects of individual pay requirements to stakeholders.


In the Payroll Fundamentals 2 course, students learn how to calculate and report government and third-party remittances, year-end requirements and accounting for payroll at the compliance level for the organization. Students will be able to effectively communicate these organizational processes and requirements to internal and external stakeholders. This course is designed to provide the payroll student with the theory and knowledge required to:

  • Calculate organizational remittances to federal, provincial and third-party stakeholders
  • Prepare accounting documentation for payroll
  • Complete year-end documentation
  • Communicate all aspects of organizational remittances, accounting and year-end requirements to various stakeholders.


The course includes a pre-test to assess the student’s current knowledge in order to develop their study plan, application exercises to apply concepts to real-life situations, chapter quizzes to review the information learned from the printed material and a post-test to evaluate the student’s learning gain.

Course Prerequisites

Payroll Compliance Legislation.

Course Notes

Course manual provided for on-going reference. There is a final exam upon completion of the course. This course applies towards the National Payroll Institute’s (formerly The Canadian Payroll Association) Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification. Successful completion of Payroll Fundamentals 1 is dependent on passing the PCP final exam (65%) for this course, and obtaining an overall course mark of 65%.

Course Breakdown

level 1
Lesson 1: New Employee Information

Lesson 2: Employment Income – Regular Earnings

Lesson 3: Employment Income – Allowances, Expenses and Benefits

Lesson 4: Non-Regular Payments

Lesson 5: Non-Statutory Deductions

Lesson 6: Termination of Employment

Lesson 7: Record of Employment

Lesson 8: Commission Payments

level 2
Lesson 1: Federal Remittances

Lesson 2: Provincial Remittances

Lesson 3: Non-Statutory Deduction Remittances

Lesson 4: Workers’ Compensation

Lesson 5: Payroll Accounting

Lesson 6: Year-End – Federal

Lesson 7: Year-End – Québec

Lesson 8: Year-End – Workers’ Compensation and Provincial Agencies

  • Program: Accounting Programs

  • Course Aim: To provide students with the payroll-related legislation affecting organizations, as well as the tools to find information and apply that information to different scenarios in relation to individual pay.

  • Of interest to: Those interested in moving into the fields of accounting and payroll.

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