Office Procedures

Course Info:

Course Introduction

Office Procedures Level 1 will assist students in learning and practicing important office procedures, such as basic banking, records management, postal and courier services, telephone and fax services, dealing with the public, and using the Internet to research information. Office Procedures Level 2 covers a variety of topics as it simulates an office environment and challenges students with tasks that they would typically perform. Students develop an understanding of the various levels of management and associated responsibilities. They also learn about the various forms used in an office and how to complete these forms. A section on organizing workspace, planning work activities, and using a scheduling system to plan events is included. Students also learn about reprographics, preparing for a meeting, procedures to follow in a meeting, and requirements when making travel arrangements. This course consists of six Lessons and a Final Exam. Each Lesson is divided into Sections with related Tasks. There are questions at the end of each Lesson designed to reinforce the concepts the student has learned in the Lesson.

Course Prerequisites

Introduction to Windows course (XP or later), Personal Computer Fundamentals, Microsoft Word 2010 Level 1, and Microsoft Excel 2010 Level 1, or equivalent.

Course Notes

Course manual provided for ongoing reference. There is a final exam upon completion of the course. Participants who receive 75% or higher on their exam will receive a certificate.

Course Breakdown

Level 1:
Lesson 1: Selecting the Right Words; Working with Punctuation; Understanding Writing Style Mechanics; Making Use of Reference and Resource Tools

Lesson 2: Exploring Key Banking Services; Preparing Current Account Deposit Slips; Issuing Checks with Stubs; Reconciling the Bank Statement; Managing Petty Cash

Lesson 3: Understanding Records Management; Applying Alphabetical Filing Rules; Using Filing Systems; Exploring Filing Equipment and Supplies; Establishing Filing Procedures

Lesson 4: Examining Postal Services; Researching Postal Rates; Using Postal Codes and ZIP Codes; Managing Incoming and Outgoing Mail; Working with Courier and Shipping Services

Lesson 5: Understanding Telephone Equipment and Systems; Working with the Telephone Directory; Exploring Telephone Services; Managing Business Calls; Using Facsimile Services

Lesson 6: Identifying Qualities of Effective Employees; Applying Social and Interpersonal Skills; Dealing with Business Callers and Visitors; Listening Skills for Dealing with the Public

Level 2:
Lesson 1: Understanding Organizational Structure; Exploring the Levels of Management; Identifying the Support Staff; Examining Departmental Functions

Lesson 2: Planning Your Day; Working with Reminder Systems; Organizing Your Workspace; Managing Stress in the Workplace

Lesson 3: Examining Business Forms; Preparing Purchasing Forms; Issuing Invoices and Credit Notes; Organizing Statements of Account

Lesson 4: Understanding Imaging Technologies; Managing Copier Use; Using Reprographic Services; Copying and Copyright Laws

Lesson 5: Organizing Meetings; Planning Conferences and Events; Understanding Teleconferencing

Lesson 6: Planning a Business Trip; Preparing the Itinerary; Arranging Travel Funds; Organizing Travel Details

  • Program: Business Programs

  • Course Aim: To familiarize the participant with basic office functions and procedures.

  • Of interest to: Those who plan to work in an office environment.

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