Medical Practice Marketing

Course Info:

Course Introduction

Medical Practice Marketing enhances marketing knowledge specifically with regard to a medical setting where advertising methods are limited by various regulators and government. Students learn that the healthcare industry is unique in that it markets a service funded by the provincial government and utilized by the public. Topics include marketing methods specific to medical practices, marketing versus advertising, patient satisfaction, the medical office mission statement, patient education, and delivering quality medical service to create successful word of mouth campaigns and positive community relations. Students learn how to market for both new and established medical practices, as well as government-funded and third party-funded services and clinics. Internal marketing campaigns are discussed, and one specific to healthcare is created utilizing marketing and sales strategies and PowerPoint skills.

Course Prerequisites

Clinic Management and Profitability, Microsoft PowerPoint Level 2, and Marketing and Sales.

Course Notes

In addition to quizzes and a presentation, there is a final exam upon completion of the course. Students must achieve a mark of 75% to successfully complete the course.

Course Breakdown

Introduction to Marketing a Medical Practice: Identifying the methods of marketing a medical practice, selling the practice’s services, and internal marketing

Quality Service: Recognizing patient satisfaction in connection with providing quality service

Patient Education and Staff Satisfaction: Developing patient education and staff satisfaction through the use of The Mission Statement and Newsletters

Marketing Tools: Identifying effective marketing tools and professional advertising methods

  • Program: Healthcare Programs

  • Of interest to: Those actively pursuing MOM training as part of their life-long career journey, and to provide the opportunity for students to develop the skills required to perform management duties within the medical industry.

  • Course aim: Students will gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of marketing a medical practice, while developing the marketing skills that can be applied to the Medical Office Management (MOM) profession.

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