Life Skills and Job Search Diary

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Course Introduction

This course provides students with both traditional and innovative job search techniques and life skills required to gain employment or identify opportunities in today’s global marketplace. This course includes four major sections: Program Description; The Diary: Job Search Skills; The Diary: Employability & Life Skills; and The Project. The majority of tasks to be completed are found in Section B, which includes several job searching tasks. Each of these tasks is targeted for approximately two hours for the average student. However, at least one task in each subsection requires the student to do some research beyond the scheduled two hours.

Course Prerequisites


Course Notes

There is no final exam for this course. Students receive either a complete or incomplete mark based on the projects they have completed, as outlined in the course. Depending on the requirements of the students’ course of study, they may be required to complete one or both projects. The first project requires the student to submit a written report, as well as deliver an oral presentation to the facilitator. The second project is a worksite placement activity. Once the facilitator has ascertained that the tasks have been fully completed, they will sign off on the control sheet.

Course Breakdown

Section A: Program Description

Section B: The Diary: Job Search Skills

Section C: The Diary: Employability & Life Skills

Section D: The Project

  • Program: Multiple Programs

  • Of interest to: Those who are, or who will be, actively seeking employment.

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