Internet Fundamentals

Course Info:

Course Introduction

The Internet Fundamentals course explores the various components of the Internet using Google Chrome. Students are oriented to common procedures used to maximize successful use of the Internet and its many features. They learn how to customize the Chrome browser and use web-based e-mail, and they will explore blogs, social media, multimedia, and other web technologies. Students are given ample opportunity to practice, apply, and develop their Internet skills through Knowledge Check and practical activities.

Course Prerequisites

Knowledge of Windows.

Of Interest to

Those who recognize the importance of the Internet and want to learn not only the basics, but also how to make effective use of a wide range of Internet resources.

Course Notes

To provide students with the essential skills necessary to use the internet and its various components to its full potential.

Course Breakdown

Module 1: Understanding the Internet, Connecting to the Internet, Working with the World Wide Web, Help with Google Chrome

Module 2: Accessing and Viewing Web Pages, Revisiting Web Pages, Searching the Web

Module 3: Working with Web Content, Downloading Resources from the Internet, Using the Web and Maintaining Your Privacy

Module 4: Understanding E-mail, Using Email, Replying to, Forwarding, and Using E-mail Options

Module 5: Primer to Social Media, Social Media and Other Technology Sites, Blogs

Module 6: Customizing Viewing Options in Your Browser, Multimedia and HTML, Adding Content and Media to a Web Page

  • Program: Business Programs

  • Of interest to: Those who recognize the importance of the Internet, and want to learn not only the basics, but also how to use Internet resources such as E-mail, Newsgroups, E-commerce, and Multimedia.

  • Course aim: To provide students with the fundamental skills necessary to use the Internet, and its various components, to its full potential.

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