Hospitality Facilities Management and Design

Course Info:

Course Introduction

This course is designed to provide students with information they need to know to manage the physical location of a hotel or restaurant and work effectively with the engineering and maintenance department. Students will learn how technology can streamline operations procedures, how to balance environmental concerns with guest satisfaction, and how to communicate effectively with hotel engineering personnel.

Course Prerequisites

Not Applicable.

Course Notes

Course textbook is provided for on-going reference. There is a final exam upon completion of the course. Participants who receive 70% or higher on their exam will receive a certificate.

Course Breakdown

Lesson 1: The Role of Facilities in the Hospitality Industry; Costs Associated with Hospitality Facilities; The Impact of Facility Design on Facility Management; Management’s Responsibilities; Responsibilities of the Facilities Department; Facilities Managers in Lodging Operations

Lesson 2: Facilities Maintenance and Repair; Maintenance Management Systems; Computerized and Internet-Based Facilities Management; Budgeting for POM and Utilities; Contract Services, Responsibility Accounting, and Facilities Costs; Facilities Benchmarking; Personnel Management in Maintenance; Training and Certification

Lesson 3: Motivations for Environmental Concern; Waste Minimization and Management; Energy Conservation and Management; Wastewater Management; Hazardous Substances; Transport; Land-Use Planning and Management; Involving Staff, Customers, and Communities; Design for Sustainability

Lesson 4: Safety and the Hospitality Industry; Building Design, Maintenance, and Safety; Safety in the Guest Bath; Fire Safety; Evacuation Plans; Security; Terrorism and Extraordinary Events

Lesson 5: Water Usage in the Lodging Industry; Water Systems; Water Quality; Water Heating; Water System Maintenance Concerns; Water for Entertainment and Recreation; Water Conservation

Lesson 6: A Brief Introduction to Electrical Systems; System Design and Operating Standards; System and Equipment Maintenance; System Components; Electric Utility Billing and Building Operations; Electric Utility Deregulation; Telecommunications Systems

Lesson 7: Factors Influencing Building Thermal Comfort; Heating Sources and Equipment; Cooling Sources and Equipment; Guestroom HVAC System Types; HVAC Systems for Other Building Areas; Other HVAC Components

Lesson 8: Basic Definition; Light Sources; Lighting Systems Design; Lighting System Maintenance; Energy Conservation Opportunities

Lesson 9: Laundry Equipment; Laundry Design; Laundry Maintenance; Emerging Trends in Laundry Operations

Lesson 10: Types of Food Service Equipment; Preparation Equipment; Cooking Equipment; Other Food Service Equipment; Sanitation Equipment in Food Service; Maintaining Food Service Equipment; Equipment Warranties; Equipment Consultants and Contractors

Lesson 11: Exterior Building Structure; Building Interiors; Exterior Facilities

Lesson 12: The Development Process; The Planning and Design Process

Lesson 13: Concept Development; The Project Planning Team; Design of Function Areas; Evaluation of Finished Blueprints

Lesson 14: Hotel Renovation; Creating the Renovation Plan; Implementing the Renovation Plan; After the Renovation

  • Program: Hospitality Programs

  • Course Aim: To provide students a systems approach to handling hospitality facilities issues. It features the latest information on facilities management and design issues which show students how to keep every area of a hotel property running smoothly.

  • Of interest to: Those who are interested in facilities management, or pursuing a career in the hospitality industry.

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