Clinical Procedures

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Course Introduction

Clinical Procedures provides students with an understanding of the everyday responsibilities that are commonly performed by a Medical Office Assistant. Topics include medical asepsis, personal hygiene, infection control, workplace safety, and First Aid and CPR. Students learn daily routines, vital signs and basic measurements, instruments used for examinations, and the purpose of blood tests. This course consists of 15 days (75 hours) of daily, participative learning sessions.

Course Prerequisites

Completion of Introduction to Medical Transcription.

Course Notes

Students are supplied with textbooks for ongoing reference. In addition to quizzes, tests, and assignments, there is a Final Exam upon completion of the course. Students must achieve a mark of 75% overall and on the Final Exam to successfully complete the course.

Course Breakdown

Preparations of Clinical Duties Maintaining cleanliness and safety in the medical office, hand washing, standard precautions of infection control in the office, and care of instruments.

New Patient Record and Vital Signs Recording medical history of patients, height and weight measurements, and vital signs.

Physical Examination and Assessment Procedures Exam room preparation, instruments used, the sequence of the physical exam, and immunizations.

Laboratory Tests and Procedures Identifying standard precautions for infection control in the lab, blood tests, urine tests, and ECG basics.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Describing WHMIS and understanding how WHMIS applies to the medical office and healthcare facility settings.

First Aid and CPR – Level C Completing an approved and accredited First Aid and CPR procedures course.

  • Program: Healthcare Programs

  • Course Aim: Students will gain comprehensive knowledge in the fundamental clinical aspects of the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) industry.

  • Of interest to: This course is of interest to individuals actively pursuing MOA training as part of their life-long career journey. It is designed to provide the opportunity for students to develop the skills required to offer administrative support within the medical industry.

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