Clinical Placement in Assisted Living

Course Info:

Course Introduction

Clinical Placement in Assisted Living provides students with an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills from all other courses with individuals and families in a community setting under the direct supervision of an instructor. Opportunity will be provided for students to become more familiar with the role of the HCA within an assisted living facility and/or a group home, and to gain abilities that will prepare graduates for employment in these settings. It is important that students understand the philosophy of community care settings and its emphasis on client choice and independence. The instructor/student ratio must not exceed 1:10, and students are evaluated by the instructor. The Academy of Learning Career College HCA program requires all hours for clinical placement to be Instructor-Led. This course consists of 12 days (60 hours) of daily, supervised, participatory placement.

Course Prerequisites

Successful completion of all preceding theory courses within the Health Care Assistant Program.

Course Notes

The Student’s Final Evaluation is completed by the instructor and based upon completion of the course. Students must achieve a mark of Pass to successfully complete the course.

Course Breakdown

Clinical Placement for Assisted Living is comprised of a total of 60 hours of clinical placement. In this course, students will get hands-on experience in an actual work setting and apply theoretical knowledge and practice skills they have learned in class. Students are evaluated by the instructor for their clinical placement. The Academy of Learning HCA Program requires all hours for Clinical Placement to be Instructor- Led. A pass/fail is designated for this portion of the Clinical Placement. Students are graded on a 5-point scale, where at least 3 points must be achieved, on each criterion, by the student to earn credit for this placement. Constructive feedback is given to students who do not meet the required standards of performance.

  • Program: Healthcare Programs

  • Course Aim: Students gain practical experience relating to the fundamental aspects of the HCA industry.

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