Client Care for Legal Professionals

Course Info:

Course Introduction

This course introduces students to the manner in which professionals and their clients effectively communicate. Students explore the fundamentals of the interviewing process and work closely with its component parts of fact-gathering and advising. A client-centered approach to problem solving and decision making is also examined; a central feature of effective client communication.

Course Prerequisites

Introduction to the Legal System or equivalent knowledge and experience.

Course Notes

Students enrolled in this course receive text and/or other related resource materials. There is one assignment and one test to evaluate student progress for this course. Participants who receive 70% or higher overall will receive a certificate.

Course Breakdown

Module 1: Introduction to Interviewing as a Skill; Client Care for Legal Professionals; Introduction to Client Care; Interview Preparation; Structure of the Interview

Module 2: The Interviewing Model; Environment of the Interview; The Interview; Question Techniques

Module 3: The Thirteen Tasks

Module 4: Interview Preparation; The Art of Criticism

  • Program: Legal Programs

  • Of interest to: Those who are planning to work in a legal department or law firm.

  • Course aim: To familiarize students with how legal professionals communicate effectively with their clients.

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