Business Essentials

Course Info:

Course Introduction

The Business Essentials course teaches students the basic necessities of business, to help them develop core competencies they can use in the business world. The course provides a broad introduction to business, covering business principles, structure, and functions of management. The course examines the purposes and activities of organizations of various types, sizes and structures, and explores the interrelationships among functional departments. Students will also learn about different forms of ownership, management functions, styles, and processes. This course highlights business in Canada, how government and global forces affect business in Canada, and addresses the impact of the global economy on Canadian business. Learning objectives for each lesson are accomplished through a combination of theory and conceptual application within exercises. Students are given ample opportunity to practice, apply, and develop their business knowledge and skills through review questions and practical exercises. Multimedia content is incorporated in this course to introduce, discuss, and enhance the learning experience.

Course Prerequisites

To ensure successful completion of this course, students should first complete Microsoft Word Level 1, Microsoft Excel Level 1, or equivalents.

Course Notes

Course manual is provided for on-going reference. There is a final exam upon completion of the course. Participants who receive 75% or higher on their exam will receive a certificate.

Course Breakdown

Lesson 1: Defining Business and Profit; Types of Global Economic Systems; A Brief History of Business in Canada; Evaluating Economic Systems; Types of Business Ownership

Lesson 2: Ethics, Business, and Government; A History of Business and Ethics; Ethics, Law and Society; Corporate Social Responsibility; Questionable Practices and Ethical Approaches

Lesson 3: Free Markets and Their Limitations; Mixed Economic Systems; Globalization; International Business and Markets; Trade Barriers and Protectionism

Lesson 4: The History and Functions of Management; Visions, Goals, and Strategies; Basic Management Structure and Skills; Job Satisfaction, Morale, and Motivation

Lesson 5: Government, Employment, and Business; Crown Corporations and Business; Reporting, Taxes, and Fiscal Policy; Other Government Departments and Functions

Lesson 6: Small Business in Canada; Entrepreneurs in Canada; Acquiring Small Businesses; Challenges for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Lesson 7: Production and Operations; Operations and Service Processes; Operations Planning and Control; Productivity and Quality

Lesson 8: Accounting; Types of Accounting and Accountants; Accounts and Accounting Concepts; Income Statements and Balance Sheets

Lesson 9: The Definition and History of Marketing; The Marketing Mix; Marketing Process, Targeting, and Research; Consumer Behavior

Lab Exercise

  • Program: Business Programs

  • Course Aim: To provide an overview of business concepts and explore the influence government and global economy have on business in Canada.

  • Of interest to: Those who want to develop or enhance their knowledge of Canadian business, to improve their understanding of the global economy and technology and their affect on Canadian business, and to appreciate the importance that quality, process planning and operations have on Canada’s manufacturing and services sector.

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